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#RealRedoutables: RVK Loves Talks Toy Storage

Now that Freya is starting to get into playing with toys, I wanted to create an area that they could all be stored in {and put away each evening when she’s asleep to regain our adult space} but in a way that are easily accessible for her once she starts moving around whilst still looking like part of our home decor. Everyone tells me that children only want to play where you are, rather than in their bedroom, and so for us that meant the kitchen/ living area to create some toy storage.


I love the idea of baskets, they look stylish and go with almost all home decor schemes, are easy to pull out to wherever you want them and mean you can separate toys into different groups of colouring pencils/art supplies/wooden blocks/animals/trains etc and switch it up as her interests change. I’ve used different sized baskets with the majority being low lipped for easy baby reaching and mixed different styles together. La Redoute have got such a great range to choose between which would be suitable for a wide range of toys.

C630D493-B4C0-4CF8-A438-96D5F192FDE4.jpeg I’ve also used some of this space to house Freya’s winter layers and muslins but you could also hide changing supplies into one or anything you don’t want cluttering up your living space. I adore this shelving unit to display everything and toys can be put out onto the shelves as part of the display to inspire playtime as we accumulate them. It’s transformed an unloved area of our kitchen snug and can be evolved as she grows, we can stack more units on top or at the side if needed – they clip together easily and can be mounted to the walls as floating shelves too. I couldn’t resist the wicker mirrors and a plant to bring it all together as part of our home whilst still being inviting for curious little hands.




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