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#RealRedoutables The Green Eyed Girl: Creating a unique nursery for first-time parents

Creating a gorgeous nursery is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for a baby’s arrival but it can also be stressful navigating so many options. Here are my tips to create a beautiful and unique space for your little one which will last longer than the first year.


Multi-purpose storage


Children and babies have a lot of stuff that go with them and so you need a lot of storage! The good thing is storage doesn’t mean boring and it can look as good as it is practical. Basket and trunks are all great ways of storing items in a stylish and affordable way and it also means their uses can grow and evolve with the child. A large basket full of soft toys on the floor looks gorgeous, allows easy access for your little one and smaller baskets are great for everything from clothes to nappies to toys. My absolute favourite storage item is this wicker trunk which is large and can hold so much.  I’m using it now to store all the clothes my little one grows out of but it will also make the perfect ‘treasure chest’ full of toys as he grows older.  I also love that it is big and sturdy enough to double as a seat creating a lovely reading nook by the book shelves.

You can also think out of the box when it comes to storage, these hanging baskets are great for when you need things to hand - I have them by the changing mat and filled with useful items and toys to keep the baby entertained whilst I see to business! 


Use furniture you already have


Instead of buying nursery specific furniture such as changing tables and smaller furniture items perhaps use items you already have such as a chests of drawers as a changing unit and full sized wardrobes. It won’t be long until you fill all the extra space anyway and it will save on buying items that might only last a year or two and then need to be replaced.


Create an interesting and unique gallery wall


You can have a lot of fun creating a gallery wall and I love it when different items are mixed together, for example pictures, mirrors and other decorative items. It makes it personal and completely unique to you. Don’t be afraid of mixing textures and materials - mixing up silver and brass with natural textures of wood and rattan looks really stylish and isn’t too matchy-matchy. Use frames to showcase special personal items such as new baby cards, your children’s artwork or special photos - I love these glass hanging frames which make ordinary items look more like pieces of art and can easily be changed up. There are no rules in placing it all together, just try it all out on the floor until it looks good before you get the hammer out!


Soft furnishings


Soft furnishings help make any space cosy and welcoming, which is exactly how a children’s room should be. I love this oversized faux sheepskin rug which is so soft and makes a perfect play mat. Picking neutral colours is good if you don’t yet know what the baby’s gender is and they will work in whatever the style of room you have now and in the future. Mixing up different cushions and throws also looks really good - pick coordinating colours in a variety of sizes for an effortlessly stylish look.



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