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Pretty and practical storage with @iamkristabel

Kristabel Plummer (@iamkristabel) is a style-obsessed, food-loving Londoner who has been writing at I Want You To Know since 2008. She shows us how storage can be stylish in her cute and colourful home.


I definitely didn’t envision moving to a new rented flat three weeks before lockdown.  What was my strategy?  Get rid of the boxes, figure out storage solutions and style a corner that would work for Zoom backdrops.

The best thing about my new place is that it’s a blank canvas but as someone who loves original features, I’ve had to get creative with statement pieces of furniture.  This Wapong sideboard has been on my wishlist for ages and reminds me of the places featured in my beloved ‘Atlas Of Mid-Century Modern Houses’ book.  

I may not be able to live in a 1950s architectural masterpiece just yet, but I can incorporate elements by the way I accessorise the space.  It’s a bonus that I can store all of the crockery I’ve collected over the years.

So how do I make my home work for me?  A quick glance at my secret Pinterest boards will tell you that I’m a fan of maximalism and combining different interior styles together.  These are some tips I swear by:


Surround yourself with items that inspire you 

My background is in knitwear design, so I’ve always loved combining different colours and textures together for an unexpected look.  My favourite way to do this is by mixing stacks of books (you could stick to pastel tones or add pops into monochrome) and sculptural items.  Look out for twisted candles, hourglasses and crockery that can also be used as a display platter.  I also love adding height with vases/jugs or by leaning prints against the wall. 


Bring the outside in

I definitely became a bit of a lockdown cliche by ordering several houseplants, but there’s something about tending to a plant every couple of days and being rewarded by a new leaf.  It can really help your wellbeing to have something to nurture.  I like choosing planters of different heights to fill a blank space and popping smaller plants on top of a stack of books.  Dried flowers have also helped add a touch of beauty into the space and they can last up to a year.


Remember the benefits of this life stage

Renting is a great time to figure out your tastes and play around with low-commitment items, such as soft furnishings and trinkets that can be moved around easily.  I can’t even imagine how I’d decide what colour to paint a wall!  I love that I can be bolder when it comes to furnishing a space and there’s so many inspiration accounts that showcase what’s possible.  I love @howirent_, @pearly_interiors and @thevitamindproject.

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