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Pretty & practical kitchen storage ideas by @maxinebradystylist

Interior stylist Maxine Brady has spent 20 years styling joyful interiors for leading home décor magazines and TV shows. She is also a TV presenter, art director, interior designer and writes a multi-award-winning lifestyle blog called maxinebrady.com.  She shares her peppermint terrace house in Brighton with her fluffy dog Teddy.
Today on the La Redoute Influencer Hub, Maxine shares her top tips for keeping a kitchen clean and tidy with stylish and practical storage solutions. 

Read on for her seven top tips:

1. Recycle bins

Who doesn't want a clear, clean, and clutter-free kitchen that feels organised and makes the most of every inch of space? I know I do! One clever way to achieve this is with baskets as they’re a handy way to keep clutter under control. Use them to house recycling, ready for bin day. This Zig Zag pom pom basket and tall fabric striped basket fold up so you can store them away when not in use, making them nifty for smaller kitchens.


2. Make a display of jars

Make a stylish countertop display by emptying pantry essentials into glass storage jars. For an attractive look, arrange in height and size order. I like the rose copper clips on these jars for an elevated look!

3 Think out the box

Kitchens are hardworking spaces – but that doesn’t mean your storage has to look dull or uninteresting. Here a gold and black ginger jar has been repurposed to house my dog’s food! Look out for unusual storage items for your countertop to add glamour and glitz to your kitchen.

4. Healthy snack baskets

If you want to encourage your family to eat better, then a fruit basket is the perfect addition to your kitchen. This geo wire copper one has tall sides making is easy to fill with healthy snacks.


5. Hang your plants 

Free up worksurface space with hanging plants. Spider plants love steamy spaces, so they thrive in kitchens. Hang from the ceiling with the Rixy collapsible ball hanging straw basket from a hook for a natural touch.


6. Rule in Laundry Day

If your kitchen is anything like mine, it can turn into a mess on washing day! These stack of open weave oblong wicker baskets are perfect for dirty clothes, cleaning products and wet washing, taking the hassle and stress out of laundry day. As they are portable, you carry your washing outside to dry, or transport cleaning products around your home when having a spring clean. And they neatly store away inside your kitchen cupboards when you’ve done cleaning.

7. Stash your tea towels

It’s amazing how many tea towels you use when cooking and cleaning in a kitchen. Copy my idea of storing yours in pretty baskets on a window shelf so that you never run out.  Keeping them in a basket, rather than a drawer, saves on precious storage space too.
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We are definitely investing in these storage solutions! For more ideas on making the most of your space, read Africa Daley-Clarke’s advice on the La Redoute Hub.
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