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Petite Denim Fit Guide

Petite Denim Fit Guide 

Hey there, I’m Natasha and I’m a fashion and lifestyle content creator from Birmingham offering petite and minimal style inspiration. I love helping everyday women get more from their wardrobes and dress with confidence by encouraging them to re-wear and re-style what they already have whilst thoughtfully introducing key pieces into their wardrobes. You can follow me on Instagram at @tashpantz or find my blog here. 

Denim is an absolute essential in any wardrobe and I’m one of those people that tends to rock it all year round. I love a good pair of jeans in a flattering style and above all else I love a great fit for my petite frame. Unfortunately, navigating a good fit when you’re 5’4’ and below is not always easy so in this post I’ll be sharing my ultimate denim fit guide for petite girls and highlighting 3 of my favourite styles for petite women available on La Redoute.

Straight Cut Jeans

One of my favourite styles of denim as a petite woman is a straight cut. This style looks great on shorter women because the jeans fall in a strong vertical line from the knee to the floor and create a long and lean look. This style of denim is also super flattering on a petite frame especially when it has a little bit of stretch so that it’s not too tight on the hips and doesn’t flatten the bum. 

La Redoute have a great selection of straight leg jeans on offer but my favourite style is the Levi’s 724 High Rise Straight Jeans which are extremely flattering, elongating and available in a wide range of leg lengths all the way down to L26. Perfect for all my short women out there.

Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans with hem lines that hit between the knee and the ankle were once an absolute no-no for petite women, but I believe they can absolutely work if done right. Cropped jeans that are too cropped will create a horizontal line which could make your legs look cut-off and shorter than they already are so my top tip is to opt for a subtle crop right above the ankle for the most flattering fit. You can also create the illusion of longer legs when styling cropped jeans by wearing nude shoes the same or similar hue to your skin tone. 

There are loads of different cropped styles to choose from on La Redoute from ankle grazers to raw hem cropped jeans but my favourite on offer is the La Redoute Collections Straight Cut Cropped Jeans with Cutouts. They are the perfect crop for my 4’11 frame at 26” and I love their vintage wash and hem cut-out detail which add a lot of interest.
High Waisted Jeans

High waisted or high-rise jeans are another style every petite girl should have in her denim arsenal. They extend the shortest of legs and make them look longer because of the higher waistline. By sitting above the natural waistline, high waisted jeans create the illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs and make the body look well proportioned and balanced. 

As much as I would recommend high-waisted jeans for petite women, I am also very aware that petite women are nuanced and come in many different shapes and sizes so it’s important to note that high waisted jeans will not suit women with short torsos, especially if they have big boobs. They will only make the torso appear even shorter. Not to worry though, if you are petite and happen to have a short torso then opt for mid-rise jeans instead.

As always La Redoute have a wide selection of high waisted jeans on offer but some of my personal favourites are the Levi’s Ribcage Straight Jeans and the LABDIP Wide Leg Jeans with High Waist in white; the perfect spring denim.

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