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Our favourite festive films available on Netflix

In 2020, Christmas doesn’t look like it usually does… but there’s one festive tradition that’s adapted perfectly for a party season spent at home. Sitting on the sofa in your PJs, watching Christmas films! 


If there was ever an activity made for this year, it’s sofa lounging. You’ve probably had your perfect sofa set-up since March, you’ve acquired a vast array of loungewear and you can spot a box-set binge a mile off. You might’ve even ramped up your broadband speed for this very activity… we know we have!


So you’re perfectly placed for a few weeks of telly time – now you just need to make sure the watch list is on-point. Here are our favourite festive Netflix picks to take you right through to the New Year. Enjoy!



Klaus is the story of a postman who befriends a local teacher and toymaker when he is stationed on a faraway island. One for the whole family to enjoy, this Oscar-nominated animation is heart-warming, cheeky and totally feel-good. All the ingredients of a Christmas classic!


A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

If you haven’t watched the first two films in the A Christmas Prince trilogy, you need to get on that. Stat. In this third instalment, there’s an ancient curse, a 600-year-old treaty AND a royal baby. Doesn’t get better than that. 


Holiday Rush

This is a lovely tale about a radio DJ who copes with his wife’s death by spoiling his children… until he loses his job, and realises true happiness comes from time spent together. Maybe don’t watch if you’re having to self-isolate, though…


Christmas on the Square. 

Dolly Parton is in this one. With original songs. Need we say more?!

A wealthy, bitter property developer threatens to evict an entire town right before Christmas, but thanks to love, community spirit and an actual angel (that’ll be Dolly), she changes her mind. One to give you the warm and fuzzies. 


The Princess Switch: Switched Again

More so-bad-it’s-good action from The Princess Switch franchise, this time with Vanessa Hudgens playing three roles – a Duchess, a Princess and a wild-child cousin. Will Duchess Margaret and Princess Stacey manage to rein in Fiona’s antics before she ruins relationships? We really need to watch and find out. 

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