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Motivating yourself to exercise in winter

Don’t let a bit of rain (or sleet, or snow) put you off. Here’s how to get active even when it’s freezing


We know how it is. You set your alarm early, ready for a pre-work run in the crisp morning air. But when it buzzes you awake at 6.30am and the wind is howling, staying curled up under the covers is almost always the right call. We’re firm believers in exercise being enjoyable, and forcing yourself to go running in the rain is the opposite of that!


There are plenty of ways to keep active during the winter months, and often it’s all about enthusiasm. So here are a few of our favourite methods of motivation to keep those couch potato vibes away from October to March….


Exercise in cold weather is more effective

Here’s a great little fact that’s guaranteed to get us up and out even on sub-zero days – once you’re acclimatised, exercising in the cold burns fat quicker than more comfortable temperatures. So those freezing morning runs are actually more efficient!


And it makes you feel good, too

If exercising is all about the endorphins for you, here’s another handy fact – increased exercise has been linked to better moods, so if you struggle with season affective disorder during the winter, it’s a great way to get a boost of happy hormones.


Keep your temperature on track

If you’re worried about getting too hot, stripping off and then getting too cold, we’ve got two words for you – lightweight layers. Start with your usual activewear and then add a lightweight fleece if it’s dry or a breathable waterproof if it’s wet. Pop a pair of trackies or shorts over your leggings, stick on a beanie and grab our gloves before you head out of the door. You can remove layers as you get going and pop them back on when you’re done, keeping your temperature at optimum level for your whole workout.


Be visible

A big drawback to winter exercise is the lack of light, and it can be off-putting to go out for a run when it’s dark. Combat this by creating a new route that sticks to main, well-lit roads, avoids empty parks and areas without street lights. And make yourself more visible by wearing a high-vis jacket or headlight so you’re easily spotted.


Stay inside

If the weather’s really horrible, especially if it’s icy, mix it up and move your workout inside. Follow an online yoga class to start your day, squeeze in a spinning session at lunch or go for an evening swim. You don’t have to join a gym – look what your local council-run sports centre has going on, or search YouTube for everything from HIIT to street dance.

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