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Minimalist nature trend by @hello_haus

We all need moments of calm in our lives and in our homes, and no one understands this more than Katie @hello_haus. Her beautiful, tranquil home is the epitome of peaceful living, and here, she shares her essential ideas to create a calming environment at home.  

Minimalist Nature Trend

I think it’s so important that our homes feel cocooning, warm and a sanctuary for us to switch off in. Creating simple, pared back rooms, filled with layers of texture and warm light is key to feeling settled and snug, especially as we come into the darker and colder months of Autumn and Winter.  
The Minimalist Nature edit uses muted colours which are proven to aid calm, paired with furniture and decor details made from natural materials like wood, linen or jute. These will help connect us to the outdoors and give us a grounded feeling, perfect for relaxation.  

Stylish stools


The key is to always think about layering your room because when you choose to go neutral it can sometimes feel flat or unwelcoming without natural materials and warm textures to balance it. Creating a room, you want to spent time in is all about how it makes you feel, so I’ve written my "go to” tips to achieve this muted look with natural elements to make your home feel relaxing and a calm environment you want to be in.  

Cool curtains

Jamdi Curtain Panel in Sheer Organic Cotton

Let’s begin with colour; Soft natural, earthy tones are perfect for this pared back, calm style. Think about paler walls in soft, warmer whites and adding in rich beige and brown tones to mimic nature.  
You can do this with cushions and throws or even rugs. Adding in plants will immediately bring the room to life and add a little splash of colour too.  

Cute cushions

Raoul Cushion Cover in Pure Cotton

Next comes your material choices. Having a layered mix of natural linen for your bedding or curtains, paired with a more rustic jute rug on the floor will give a really beautiful natural feel to a room. The lovely Aftas rug from La Redoute achieves this effect perfectly while the Lior bedding comes in a cotton linen blend to connect with nature.  
Aftas Rug

Aftas Rectangular Jute Rug

Lovely linens 

Lior Stiped Cotton Linen Blend Duvet Cover

You can never go wrong with adding wood accents to a space either, with its warming properties both in look and texture it will instantly make a space feel homely, whilst connecting us to nature. You can add wood with smaller pieces such as side tables or with table lamps.  

Curvy coat hooks

Wall-Mounted Coat Rack with 3 Hooks

To soften a more minimalist look, think about curves rather than straight lines. If you step outside you rarely see a straight edge in nature, shapes are more organic, curved and beautifully imperfect. By adding curved or rounded furniture or lighting into your home you’ll quickly create a cosier environment to be in.  

Marceau Jug
The selection of beautiful shapes in lamps, and furniture is much broader now so this is a really easy way to add in those softer forms. Imperfections are a good thing when we talk about the Minimalist Nature look, if something looks too pristine it often doesn’t feel natural to us.  

Lucious lighting

Jakomé Wall Light with Thick Linen Shade

Boldo Opaline Glass & Wood Table Lamp

The best way to achieve this is through your ceramics and smaller accessories such as shelf decor or tableware. Pick ceramics with speckled glazes, or raw finishes…especially great if they are more organic in shape too. These smaller touches will be the perfect addition to your soft, paired back look by adding even more depth and interest to your surfaces.  

Minimalist mugs

Set of 4 Soul Sandstone Mugs
The Minimalist nature look is a personal favourite of mine with its soft, warm and calming feeling. Layer soft texture with natural materials and colour to create a room and home you’ll love to spend time in, you’ll feel more grounded and relaxed which is perfect to rest and recharge our busy minds. 
Just reading this makes us feel peaceful! See more ideas for a beautiful home over on Life & Style
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