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Looking forward: all the things we’re excited for in 2021

Ok, so we’re not out of the woods yet, but 2021 is looking a lot more hopeful than 2020… and focusing on that is a great way to get through a festive season that’s not quite as cheerful as usual. 


2020 has been the hardest of years for many people, but what does 2021 have in store? We know it won’t be a totally ‘normal’ year, but there’s plenty to look forward to. Here are all the things we’re excited for in the next 12 months…


Spending more time with loved ones

This must be the top of most people’s lists, right? As things become more certain, we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to see our nearest and dearest far more often than we did in 2020. And maybe even inside the house, too! What a concept! 


Taking on new challenges

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that health and happiness are more important than anything else. You might feel like life has been on hold for the last nine months, so 2021 is the year to really go for your dreams. Set up that business, reach that physical goal, save that house deposit or learn that new language. There’s no time for messing about this year!


Going on holiday

This is a tentative one – who knows what will be possible come summer – but we’re definitely dreaming of sandy beaches, clear blue seas and sunny skies right now. Failing that, a year at home has taught us just how much there is to discover right here in the UK so a staycation sounds pretty good right now, too!


Making new friends

2020 was a shocker of a year for socialising and especially for those who live alone, it’s been a very solitary time. In 2021 we’re making a big effort to meet new people and make new friends – whether that’s from striking up a conversation in the supermarket, getting involved in a local sports team or joining an online book club. 


Enjoying a better work/life balance

A year of working from home has really taught us the value of our time – when it’s not wasted on a long commute, meetings with no purpose or endless overtime, we can enjoy more of the things we really love. We’re hoping 2021 is the start of a change in the way we work, with more flexibility all-round. Imagine the difference that would make!

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