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How to Style Your Coffee Table

From bestselling books to perfectly placed plants, we’ve got all the tips to help you create a chic coffee table.

You’ve seen the Insta posts – beautiful coffee tables carefully styled with glossy magazines, flickering candles and tall vases of flowers. Where’s the TV remote? No discarded mugs or errant Barbie dolls? How do they do it?!

We’re all for keeping it real, and we know a perfectly presented coffee table is not really practical for most of us. But if you fancy creating a pretty space for your IG grid, we have a few handy tips to get you started…


Upgrade your table

Time to replace that old IKEA LACK table? We’ve got you covered. Right now we’re loving tables with texture – this sleek style has a gorgeous parquet top  for a classic look, or keep it on trend with this oak and marble mix version . Looking for something totally different? This quirky hexagonal shape is our current fave .

Create some height

The key to clever styling is to add detail with different heights. Try a vase of flowers placed on a stack of books, or group short, stubby candles next to tapered ones in candlestick holders.

Mix and match textures

Work with the natural texture of your table by introducing mixed materials – we love these wicker table mats . You could also use contrasting coasters or even a small table runner to add detail.

Plants, plants, and more plants

When in doubt, add a plant! We love succulents on coffee tables as they’re neat and easy to care for – mix and match your plant pots and experiment with different heights to keep your style balanced.

Finish on the floor

A statement rug is the perfect finishing touch for your statement coffee table… especially if you need to hide a less-than-perfect floor for those flat lay shots! We love this geometric print, and this round jute version has a gorgeous hippy vibe. But if you really want to win at Instagram, it’s the La Redoute Rug you need … as seen in all the most stylish homes!
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