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How to host a winter World Cup party

Did you know the World Cup is just around the corner? We must admit, it took us a little by surprise. We’re so used to celebrating the World Cup during the summer, we weren’t quite expecting a winter World Cup. But, 20th November is the kick-off date so it’s time to get our skates on (or should that be boots?) and start planning the celebrations. 

We’ve felt invigorated by the football scene since the triumph that was the Women’s Euros a few months ago, plus this tournament is slap-bang in the middle of party season – what more excuse do you need to get your mates together, put some food on and celebrate the beautiful game? 

Read on for our tips on hosting a football watching party. 

Setting up your space 

When it comes to creating your World Cup viewing party, start by setting up your space. As this tournament is happening across November and December, you can’t rely on outdoor space the same way you could with a summer footie party so make sure your guests are comfy and cosy inside with the option to spill out into the garden at half time. 


The ultimate centrepiece for a World Cup party is a big corner sofa that everyone can squish onto. If you’ve got a more modest set-up, though, the answer to seating everyone comfortably lies in a few plump floor cushions you can scatter around. 

Make sure your side tables are stocked with food platters (see below for more on the food itself), and drinks are close to hand. 

To really add to the cosy vibes, turn off your main lights and use soft side lamps to illuminate the scene. And if you have the budget, consider adding a new rug to your space to really make the most of your floor space – this colourful graphic wool style is super stylish while also being soft and comfy for your guests to lounge on. 



Even though you’re throwing this party in the depths of a British winter, there’s no reason you can’t give your guests the option of heading outside for some fresh air after those nail-biting penalty moments… plus for those who are with you more for the food and drink than the football, it’s a good opportunity to escape for a chat. 

If the weather is on your side (and it’s not chucking it down, gale force winds or snowing), you can create a cosy little outdoor seating area with camping chairs, outdoor cushions and some big, chunky knitted throws. 

Keep your guests extra warm by stoking the fire pit and dot some patio heaters around too. String up some fairy lights and serve warm drinks for those braving the outdoor space. 


Food for thought 

Let’s be honest – as much as we love the excitement of a good match (penalty shootout anyone?), the main draw of a World Cup party is the food and drink. You know it’s true! Make sure your guests are suitably fed and watered and you’ll go down as the hostess with the mostess. 

Half time snacks 

We all know a World Cup viewing party isn’t going to be a sit-down meal affair – we’re talking picky bits that are easy to eat with one hand while shaking your fist at the referee. Bowls of crisps and dishes of dip, maybe a fancy charcuterie board, plates of sausage rolls and a platter of crudités. 

If you’re fancying a bit of a football theme, you could serve pie and peas – the traditional food of football matches up and down the country. Go for mini pies that don’t need a knife and fork, with little pots of peas on the side and some brown sauce for dipping. Yum! 



To keep things simple, all you really need to serve, drinks-wise, at a World Cup party is wine, beer and gin – a trio of classics with a side of soft drinks will cover everyone’s tastes. 

Ask your guests to bring a bottle along with them, and make sure you have some prosecco to toast the goals (or commiserate the near-misses). 

But if you want to add a bit of creativity to your gathering, we LOVE the idea of World Cup cocktails to represent the countries playing. This list of drinks inspired by the countries taking part in the 2018 World Cup provides great inspiration for your own party – mix up the cocktails of the two teams playing in the match you’re watching, and get guests to place their bets on who will win through their drink choices. A fun party game and delicious drink all in one!


What to wear 

What do you wear to a football watching party? It’s a tricky one – you want to be comfy and cosy for sitting on the sofa most of the night, but you also want to feel a bit celebratory. 

We think the answer lies with the humble knitted jumper dress. We especially love this white dress, which, if you’re feeling particularly patriotic, you can accessorise with red to represent the England squad. 

Pair your white jumper dress base with a red manicure, red earrings and a slick of red lipstick for a subtle nod to the home team… and finish the look with a pair of red Converse. 

If you’ve gone to the effort of hosting a World Cup party, you might as well keep it kitsch with your outfit and really impress your guests with your dedication to the beautiful game. Why not!


Now you’ve got all our tips for hosting the perfect party, you’re almost ready to send out your invites. Just make sure you’ve stocked up your glassware ready for guests, and take a look at our trend-led lighting ideas to get the mood just right. 

Now all we need is a few in the back of the net so the celebrations can really begin!
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