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How to create a feature wall

When it comes to interiors, feature walls are forever on trend. From chic gallery photos to statement wallpaper or bright, bold paint, a feature wall is an easy way to elevate a room and give it an Instagrammable vibe. And it’s quick, easy and cheap to achieve, too!


The best feature walls are those that make an impact without being too OTT – remember, you live in your house and will look at that wall every day, so it can’t be too brash! Start by thinking about the best place for your feature wall – the hallway so you see it every time you come through the front door, behind the dining table to enjoy while you eat or maybe even in the bathroom, to study while you’re in the shower!


Once you’ve decided on location, prep the wall by steaming off any old wallpaper, sanding down and wiping clean. Move all furniture out of the way and prep with a primer. Now it’s time to decide which way to go – paint or paper? We think wallpaper is having a bit of a renaissance right now, and we love big splashy prints – think monstera leaves, marbled, velvet-effect or geometric. If you’re making a statement with accessories, choose a simple shade of paint that will make your hangings really pop.


When the paper’s hung or the paint’s dry, it’s time to start accessorising. If you’ve gone for a plain wall, the key is in the detail – create a gallery wall of your favourite photos, using mismatched frames to give a vintage vibe. Or if you’re really embracing the idea, a neon sign with your favourite quote (which you can get made to measure online) will provide endless entertainment. Go hard or go home!


If you’ve chosen wallpaper, it’s best to let the print speak for itself and keep accessories minimal. This floating shelf  is simple and elegant, so perfect for displaying trinkets and photos against your statement wall. This classic round mirror  will bounce light onto your wall without interfering with the look, while a sleek console table  creates storage without being bulky. 

Now all that’s left is to upload a shot of your statement wall to Instagram and let the likes roll in!

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