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How to care for your knitwear

It’s knitwear season! AKA the most wonderful time of the year. There’s nothing better than cuddling into a big, chunky jumper on a chilly morning… but not if said jumper is bobbly, misshapen or full of holes. Caring for your knitwear is a quick and easy job, and if you keep on top of it your favourite pieces will last much longer. Here are our top tips for keeping your jumpers and cardis in the best condition.

Wash with care

Ever shrunk a jumper in the wash? It’s heartbreaking, we know. But it’s also easily avoidable! Firstly, always read the care instructions on the label. If it says dry clean only… don’t put it in the washing machine! For knitwear that can be washed at home, we’d always recommend handwashing, even if it can be washed in the machine. Handwashing is much more gentle, and there are plenty of soaps specifically for woollens to protect the fibres and keep your knitwear looking great.

Dry off

Knitwear is much more robust these days, so there’s no need to dry your jumpers and cardis on a flat surface to ensure they keep their shape. Draping over a clothes maiden or washing line is just fine, but don’t use pegs as they can leave a dent. And never, ever use a tumble dryer!

Keep bobbles at bay

Fine knits, especially cashmere, can bobble easily. Bobbles aren’t a sign of damage but a normal result of regular wear, and they can be removed without too much bother. Use a de-bobbling comb to gently cut off each one, leaving a smooth surface underneath. Do this regularly and your knits will look good as new!

Store with love

Storing your knits is an important part of the care process. First, make sure wherever you keep your knitwear is clean and dry to stop damp forming. If you’re storing your knits on shelves, line them with lavender-scented paper first – this will keep moths at bay. If they’re hanging in your wardrobe, use cedar balls or scented sachets on your hangers. 

If you find holes in your knitwear moths could be lurking, and a great way to get rid of them is to stick your jumpers and cardis in the freezer. No, really! Pop your knits in a plastic bag and freeze them for a day to kill off any lingering eggs, then thoroughly clean your storage space. 
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