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Hidden gems on Netflix

We’re still in full hibernation mode – come 7pm you’ll find us on the sofa in our PJs, cup of tea in hand and Netflix on the telly. At this point we’ve seen all the recommendations on the Most Popular list… so what to watch next? Here are some Netflix hidden gems to get you through those chilly nights.



This awesome sci-fi flick might’ve passed you by when it first came out, but with Amy Adams in the lead and a gripping story with a twist that’ll have you shouting at the screen, it’s more than worth a watch.



This Breaking Bad-style series follows a financial advisor who relocates his entire family to the Ozark mountains in Missouri after getting involved in some dodgy money laundering with a Mexican cartel. It’s atmospheric, full of suspense and extremely bingeable.


Dead Set

Already caught up with Black Mirror? Go back into Charlie Brooker’s history and watch Dead Set, which follows a fictional series of Big Brother as the contestants get stuck inside the house during a zombie outbreak. Worth watching for zombie Davina McCall alone.



This sci-fi series follows a team of time travellers sent back in time to prevent to post-apocalyptic future they came from… but the twist is how they travel. We won’t give it away, but it’s really good.



This adrenalin-filled film follows a young drummer and the teacher pushing him to greatness through a strict, military-like regime. You’ll love to hate both the main characters and the story is exhausting and thrilling all at once.


American Vandal

We love a good ‘mockumentary’ and this one is up there with the best – it follows student documentary maker Peter, who is investigating a fellow student’s expulsion. Poking fun at both true-crime documentaries and American high school stereotypes, it’s both funny and totally captivating.



Wannabe actresses becoming entertainment wrestlers, with 80s fashion and a cool synth soundtrack? Yep, we’re into it. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling combines neon lights with soap opera storylines, all with an ensemble of amazing actresses. Love it.



One of our absolute favourite childhood films (and books, for that matter), Matilda is a 90s classic that just gets better with age – Mara Wilson is perfect as bookish, mischievous Matilda, Danny DeVito makes us laugh out loud and if you say you’re not just a little bit scared of Miss Trunchbull, we won’t believe you. 

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