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Five ways to go vegan for Veganuary

The plant-based food movement has had a real moment in the last few years and as we all search for ways to be more sustainable, going vegan seems pretty appealing. Especially now, with so many meat and dairy alternatives available! To get you started, we’ve gathered five ways you can make a move towards veganism… and what better time to start than Veganuary.

1. Take it slow

Some people dive straight into veganism and never look back but for most of us, a slower approach is needed. If you feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of a vegan lifestyle, start small. Take part in #MeatlessMonday each week, swapping one meaty meal for a plant-based one. 

2. Make easy switches

Some things are easier to make vegan than others – for example, swapping dairy milk for oat, almond or soya is a really simple switch that you probably won’t really notice. There are tasty substitutes for things like bacon, sausages and mince, and you can load up on the veggies, too. Cheese is often the one thing vegans say they miss the most, so maybe leave that one till you’re feeling more confident!

3. Join your local vegan group

As veganism becomes more and more popular, local groups of likeminded people are popping up both online and IRL. Have a search around for one near you – you could ask in your local Facebook community group – and get involved for help, advice and recipes. 

4. Get creative in the kitchen

Gone are the days of a vegan meal consisting of salad and bread – there’s endless inspiration for vegan cooking available now, and you can make exciting meals every day of the week (if you want to)! We love @veganbrownting on IG for recipes, fashion and beauty tips and and @iamtabithabrown on TikTok for being the best vegan mum ever!

5. Keep it light-hearted 

Changing your entire diet is a big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be hard work. There’s plenty of fun to be found in going vegan – from taste-testing the best dairy-free ice creams to trying out new alternative milks especially for frothy coffees. It’s not all about lettuce leaves and nut roasts, you know!

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