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Five new things to try in January

January is the month we all vow to make changes – from ditching the drinks to moving away from meat or stopping shopping. The pressure to give our lives a wholesome makeover is intense, and means January is often long, boring and absolutely no fun at all. Who wants that?!


So rather than giving things up for the first month of the year, why not get started with things instead? There are lots of cool hobbies, trends and pastimes you can try, and it doesn’t matter if they turn into a lifelong love or just last a day – it’s all about having fun!


Give pottery a go

Ceramics had a real moment in 2018, and they’re only set to get bigger this year. Pottery workshops are springing up all over the country, and learning how to turn a lump of clay into a proper glazed pot is deeply satisfying. Have a look what’s available near you and spend a Saturday spinning the wheel.


Play around with planners

A real Pinterest trend, planning (or bullet journaling, to give it another name) is a great way to get creative with a pen and paper. Stock up on a journal, stickers, pens, washi tape and other fun things, then search on Pinterest and Instagram to find inspiration for your planner layout. Not only will planning help you flex your artistic side, but it’ll keep your life in order, too!


Try lilac locks

The big hair trend for 2019 is pastel shades, and it looks like lilac is the favourite. January is the perfect time to shake up your look for the coming year… go big or go home, we say! Look for an at-home dye kit or ask your local salon if they can squeeze you in for a pretty pastel makeover.


Bake that bread

If 2018 was a hectic year and you want to get 2019 off to a calmer, more positive start, there’s no better way than by baking bread. Honestly! It’s one of the most soothing, rewarding hobbies, and afterwards you have a whole loaf to enjoy. Look online for recipes, stock up on ingredients and give it a go.


Watch a workout

Cba heading out in the cold to your usual morning yoga class? Or want to try a new workout but feel a bit self-conscious about it? Loads of gyms are now offering the option to stream your workout – so you can log on from the comfort of your own home and be guided through a class by a pro without having to schlep to the gym or make small talk with fellow attendees. Ideal!

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