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Digital detox - Tips to get you started

At this time of year, we’re all thinking about improvement – ways to be more efficient, save more money and make life more enjoyable. Could a Digital Detox be the answer to all three?
It sounds like a specific type of Millennial torture, but going cold turkey on your digital life could be the key to better sleep, a healthier bank balance and less social anxiety. If nothing else, having some time away from your phone will definitely make your appreciate other things – so why not give it a try? Here are our top tips to get you started…

Start small

If you feel a bit consumed by your social media presence but don’t want to give up Insta scrolling entirely, start by reducing your usage gradually. Use the Screen Time report on your phone to find out your average weekly usage, then aim to cut that down a little bit each week. When you get the urge to pick up your phone, go for a book or notepad instead, head out for a walk or put some music on.
Try to create alternative habits and you’ll soon find yourself reaching for the screen less and less. 

Ban bedtime scrolling

We all know that using our phones right before bed is terrible for our sleep, but when you’re inches away from the latest Twitter goss, it can be hard to resist! Combat bedtime scrolling by leaving your phone in the living room when you go to bed – put it on charge or turn it off entirely and keep your bedroom a gadget-free zone. Just make sure you buy an alarm clock!

Keep in touch

One thing that keeps us coming back to our digital feeds is FOMO – fear of missing out. We don’t want to miss the latest dog memes, engagement announcements and Twitter scandals, and near-constant scrolling is the best way to keep updated. To help keep your Digital Detox on track, though, you need to break the update cycle. Rather than WhatsApping your friends with the latest celebrity IG post, give your bestie a call and catch up on their life, instead. And if they happen to throw in a titbit about Kim K’s latest outfit, so be it…

Delete your account

Ok, this is the biggie. The only way to really switch off from social media is to delete your accounts – yep, we said it. If you’re constantly thinking about logging in and updating your feeds, you’re never really ‘breaking free’ from your digital life. It doesn’t have to be forever – you can suspend your accounts for a shorter period, giving yourself a rest from logging in without having to worry about them being abandoned. If you use a social media account for work, consider deleting your personal versions and setting up a work-specific feed. It may seem like a big step, but removing yourself entirely from social media is a great way to get back in touch with ‘real’ life… even if it’s only for a few weeks. 
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