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A vintage inspired refresh by Charlotte Jacklin

Here at La Redoute, we love to see how people put their individual stamp on their space. Here, we explore how Charlotte Jacklin,@charlottejacklin a content creator and small business marketing mentor who lives in Lincoln, uses her creative skills and love of colour to make a statement at home.

She lives in a rented house in Lincoln, with her husband, 3 year old daughter and new addition to the family: a puppy, called Ace.


We have lived in our rented house for two years, and I remember wishing for a dining room when we lived in a much smaller flat, and the novelty has not worn off once since we moved in! The table is custom made, as I wanted a really big one, to invite all our friends over (the irony). We use this room for so much, all our meals, crafting, working, even baking, it’s a wonderful space. 

An easy but surprisingly effective update was to add these beautiful tie top linen curtains, they are light and airy while still creating an aura of warmth and cosiness.


The beech chairs, which come uncoated, are perfect for painting whatever colour you want, the options really are endless. I have a vintage cutlery set which is made up of six different colours, and used this as inspiration for the paint colours, cutting them down from 6 to 4 was surprisingly quite hard. The mid-century aesthetic of the chairs compliments the colours so well, and the uncoated chairs took the paint really easily. Thanks to the late September sun dried really quickly. Whilst I love the colours now, I think it’s great that later down the line that if we changed our minds, with a quick sand and new coat of paint - they could be changed quite easily.


One thing I wanted to add to the space was a rug, we are lucky that we have a lot of wooden floors in the house, however it can feel a bit cold. This is my second La Redoute rug that I have in the house, and they are so soft and hard wearing, and again if we decided we wanted a change I know it would work for another room in the house so easily.


Another simple way to play with colour is with textiles. La Redoute have gorgeous tableware, I kept it simple with some plain white plates that feel really modern from the Elinor range, and added some colour and texture the AM:PM napkins were the perfect addition. The Zalato two tone range brings so much joy into your home with their bright pops of colour, finishing the whole thing off perfectly.

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