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2021 Interior Trends with @laura_epitome_styling

Hi. I’m Laura Stubbs, owner of Epitome Styling, an interior design and styling business I launched four years ago as my avenue into something ‘more creative’. 

All things arty has always been my mantra, with a keen eye for design, layout and a love for fashion the world of interiors captured my during early stages of my own renovations. Documenting progress through social media and in particular brought interest, and in turn opportunities to the business was there to launch. 

2021 interiors.  

The 2020 focus on the home inevitably carries into the early part of 2021, as people continue to invest in their immediate comforts – upgrading interiors, DIY projects, office and home working spaces – home gyms and outdoor spaces. It’s all about the home at the moment, and without the expenses of socialising and holidays the home décor arena is certainly full of great ideas and fresh content.  

I’ve been lucky enough to work on some exceptional projects over the last year, including hotel refurbs, local pubs and most my most current project a new local spa concept – but of course that has meant the challenge of juggling home life with two children.  


So what do I anticipate to see most of in 2021? 

In general the simplistic mid century modern style which sits easily alongside the Scandinavian themes seem here to stay. Whilst mid century modern may have similar lines, the colours used are much deeper and richer. Scandinavia trends are more muted but can bring in touches of more colour – generally in more muted tones.   


Warm neutrals  

The next thing from grey – the trend is moving much more into the realms of 50 shades of beige, so bring on the muted off white shades, but leaning more to the warmer undertones than previously. From off white, cream, to beige to biscuit and everything in between – chose a warmer tone if you’re looking to be ahead of the game this year.  


Earthy tones

The warmer shades perfectly sit with more earth shades, more dusky tones found within nature – from the warmth of woods (typically found in the mid century modern and scandi style) through to shades of ochre and rust.  





The obsession continues, creating texture through media application – plaster, paper, fabrics, panelling… it’s staying. Layering up to contrast textures creates a beautiful laid back style, always complemented my fabric selection in natural cotton and linens, think sheer, voiles and layers.  

The panelling trend is evolving into new areas, boundaries are being tested. Panelling becomes application of veneer type boards, plank boards for a rustic finish, contemporary oak slats for some something more modern. I think this will develop further – to see feature areas and walls of a wonder of finishes – of course including living walls, you’re sure to see a lot of those.  




Developments in plaster technology sees market development of micro cement. A waterproof finish which can be used across large areas in all shades including metallics. It’s a fantastic product which I’ve just used in the spa project I’m working on, the finish is incredible and I think we’ll be seeing much more of it.   



Hand in hand with the strong textures theme, wallpapers are a go to for creating the look. From a faux board effect, to the higher end silk weaves that a fine wallpaper can have – texture is key. Even the plains with a textured effect. Wallpaper boundaries are also being tested. Fresco wall effects, full wall murals, concrete walls even ceilings – it’s a great way to being texture into a room.  

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