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How to paint a wall with stripes | La Redoute

Everyone seems to be doing it for themselves these days, and here, we hear from lovely Laura from @homewithspringbank who tells us how she took matters into her own hands to create a fabulous striped wall for her son’s bedroom. 

Striped walls 

I felt that my boy’s room needed a bit more punch in the style stakes, and I had fallen in love with a beautiful hand painted striped wallpaper that I thought would be the perfect effect in this small room. I had a few problems though, my house is rather old, and the walls are a bit uneven, so not ideal to wallpaper, plus the wallpaper itself was very costly. I also couldn’t find the exact shade and stripe size that I wanted so I decided to have a go at painting my own stripes! 

image00007 (1).jpeg        image00006 (1).jpeg

Before                                                                                                                       After

Preparing to paint a patterned wall 

Now my room was already painted with white walls, but if you are going for a different base colour then obviously, you’ll need to paint this first with 2 coats before starting on your stripes. 
I used an artist’s brush to get the size of stripe I wanted and it’s a good idea to play around with the width and distance of the stripes on a piece of paper before committing to your walls. 
Start by measuring out the distance you want on the wall, mine was 10cm, as a centre point for each stripe. I then used a large spirit level to mark out lines on the wall with pencil, making sure they were level and perpendicular.  

Painting by hand  

Then the fun part! Paint your stripes by hand, using your pencil lines as a guide. The beauty of this technique is that is doesn’t have to be perfect so try not to worry too much. If you do have any mistakes, it is easy to correct with your base paint. I found it easiest to mark up one wall at a time rather than the whole room. 
I’m thrilled with the final result, it creates just the look I was going for and makes me feel proud to have created such a personal interior. 
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