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Roxy is a unique women's and girl's brand offering laid back style and fun floral and beachy prints. These items work perfectly at the beach or just to create a more casual look. The products range from girl's dresses and bags to women's bikinis and footwear so you're sure to find something that you can't checkout without.

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Don't go to the beach without your Roxy swimsuit!

Roxy is the feminine variation of the Quicksilver universe.Initially aimed exclusively at surfers, the Roxy brand is now interested in all board sports.Alongside articles dedicated exclusively to the practice of sport, Roxy has developed a range of ready-to-wear inspired by the spirit of board sports, in a relaxed style.The Roxy swimwear collection reflects this dual ambition, offering both sporty swimsuits and sexy swimsuits.you're sure to find the right Roxy swimsuit for your needs in our selection, and don't forget to check out the Roxy children's swimwear department!Some of you choose Roxy for its expertise in the field of gliding, and for these, the Roxy 1-piece swimsuit with front zipper is just the thing.Comfortable with its swimmer's back, the mix of solid colors and prints and the pretty cut-outs in the back give it all the allure.The Roxy brand is also famous for its colorful triangle bikinis in ethnic or tropical prints.the Dreamin'Florida floral triangle bikini swimsuit from Roxy will look great on your tan.Girls will also find their happiness in the Roxy collection, with two-piece swimsuits with bandeau bra, more suited to their morphology.
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