Sarini Knotted Wool and Sari Silk Rug

Pale green
Product Description

Sarini Knotted Wool and Sari Silk Rug, pale green, AM.PM

It is a very soft and subtle design with silky and fluffy textures, where shimmering and evanescent colours support one another.. Sarini is made from wool and sari silk, hand-knotted with dexterity by Indian artisans.
The age-old know-how of traditional India combined with the AMPM signature makes this exceptional rug a unique, contemporary and sophisticated piece.

All our rugs are handcrafted, a guarantee of quality and uniqueness. Real decorative elements, thermal and sound insulators, they warm the atmosphere.

Product Details
 •  75% wool, 25% sari silk
 •  Craftsmanship: Hand woven
 •  Weight: 2750g/m²
 •  Pile height: 10mm
 •  Fringed finish at the ends

Quality Info
 •   Wool is a warm and comfortable fibre. In addition to being hard-wearing, the wool carpet is also an excellent thermal and sound insulator..
 •  An emblematic image of traditional India, the sari is given a second life in this rug. Made of wool and silk, this traditional garment is now recycled and constitutes the composition of very high quality rugs with multiple colours and patterns.
 •  Made in India using traditional methods. Hand woven locally piece by piece, these unique works are subject to variations in pattern, colour and dimensions, these imperfections are simply due to the multitude of colours of the saris of Indian women.
 •  This rug is made from recycled saris and tinted in a nuanced way for a more vibrant side, variations may therefore occur from one model to another - each rug being different - the same for the dimensions of the rugs, they may vary from one to 2 centimeters.

Care Advice
 •  Some materials such as wool are very fibrous and you can actually observe a piling during the first weeks of use: this is a normal for this type of product and is not a defect. Remove the excess fibres by hand where possible, do not use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush as this can pull and tear the fibres . The pilling will improve over time.
 •  We advise you to vacuum it very little the first month and then to vacuum it without rubbing too much always without using the brush.
 •  Remove any stains immediately with a clean, damp cloth.
 •  Dry clean recommended.

 •  Width 120 x Length 180cm
 •  Width 160 x Length 230cm
 •  Width 200 x Length 290cm

 •  This product will be delivered directly to your door.

Colours Pale green
Sizes 120X180CM, 160X230CM, 200X290CM
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