Scalero Scalloped 100% Wool Rug

Sage green + 1 COLOUR:
Product Description

Scalero Scalloped 100% Wool Rug - LA REDOUTE INTERIEURS

100% wool, 100% handmade… The Scalero scale-finish rug warms up your room and brings personality to the decor! A romantic design in a colour by La Redoute Interiors.
Product Details
 •  100% wool
 •  2500 g/m2
 •  Hand crafted

 •  Wool is a warm and comfortable fibre. In addition to being hard-wearing, the wool carpet is also an excellent thermal and sound insulator.

Care instructions
 •  Some materials are very fibrous (such as wool) Wool rugs pill naturally during the first few months: this is a normal for this type of product and is not a defect. Remove the excess fibres by hand where possible, do not use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush as this can pull and tear the fibres. The pilling will improve over time.

 •  Width 120 x Length 170cm
 •  Width 160 x Length 230cm
 •  Width 200 x Length 290cm
 •  Thickness: 1.5cm

This product will be delivered to your home.

Colours Sage green, Lavender
Sizes 120X170CM, 160X230CM, 200X290CM
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  • 16/12/2023
    Lovely rug but quickly thinning

    This rug is such a lovely shape, however unfortunately will not stop shedding, we;ve had this for nearly 3 months and despite desperate attempts at minimising its shedding, including following the instructions and hoovering extensively, its shedding has got to the stage where we have to hoover the room it is in every day (despite it having incredibly low footfall). Anything that falls onto this e.g. a black jumper needs to be immediately washed as it will be completely coated in white fibres.

    We expected for a wool rug this would be the case but not this extensively or for this long, the shedding also has affected the shape as the edges are no longer as nicely scalloped

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  • 08/11/2023
    Poor quality and really badly smelling rug

    The rug sheds significantly all the time. It smells horrific, and I do not believe it's 100% wool. The packaging when delivered said 100% lyocell. I tested it and I believe it has cellulosic fibres.

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