Men's striped jumper

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Would you like to buy a men's striped sweater?

It's a timeless piece, spanning the decades, with a sailor style that lets us navigate fashion. The man in old sea-wolf style wears it with long sleeves and a round collar. This striped top is forever timeless.

Does Shilton, Galeries Lafayette, Mango Man or Best Mountain appeal to you? We'll do our utmost to suggest them to you to enhance your clothing style. With over 196 reviews, we've collected an average rating of 4.59. This is how "Dominique" tells us about his successful purchase: "More red at the reception than orange, but nice mottled quality". The other key point when choosing your men's striped sweater is to pay extra attention to the fabric. Cotton, jersey or synthetic all have their typical characteristics. Our assortment on this site meets even the most unusual demands.
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