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Tip tips for dealing with stress

With April just around the corner did you know April is Stress Awareness Month? If you’re currently stressing about a long list of things that seems to be growing by the day, probably not. Stress is something that we regularly brush off – how many times have you said ‘oh I’m fine, just a bit stressed!’ this week? Coping with stress can feel like just part of life, but if you’re constantly anxious about things and finding it hard to keep on top of, that might be a sign that stress is taking its toll.


Having some methods in place to help you manage and control anxiety is a great way to cope with stressful times. This Stress Awareness Month, we’re sharing our top tips for dealing with stress – take a look but remember to contact your doctor if you’re really struggling.


Get active

If you’re feeling bogged down with general life admin, a gym session, exercise class or jog around the park can really help to clear your head. Focusing on something other than your stresses will give you space to breathe, and you can return to reality with calm and composure.


Write a list

It seems like the most simple thing, but writing a list of everything that’s troubling you is a great way of getting it out of your head and into a more organised setting. When thoughts are all jumbled up together it can be hard to prioritise the most important, so write your list with an idea of what is most urgent, and put this at the top. As you work out your stresses, cross them off your list as a physical reminder to stop thinking about them.


Don’t try to solve it all

Feeling out of control and unable to make changes is a common source of stress, but sometimes it’s better to just accept that certain things can’t be solved by you… at least not at the moment. If you’re anxious about things you just can’t change, try to move past them by focusing on things you do have control over. Solving smaller problems will give you a feeling of accomplishment that will help you cope with the bigger issues.


Share your stress

As the saying goes, a worry shared is a worry halved. Don’t try tackle things alone – speak to your friends, family and colleagues about what’s playing on your mind and try come up with solutions together.


Challenge yourself

When you’re feeling stressed, it’s tempting to spend every night slumped in front of the TV to try drown out your worries. But challenging yourself to learn a new language, try a new skill or meet new people helps build emotional resilience, which in turns helps us deal with stress. Start with a small goal, like keeping a bullet journal or teaching yourself to knit, and over time you may find your new hobby helps you deal with stressful situations in a more rational way. 

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