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Sarah Ellis & Phillipa Bloom


We Are Twinset is a fashion and lifestyle blog founded by Sarah Ellis & Phillipa Bloom, two stylists but more importantly best friends, working in London's fast-paced fashion industry.

With Philippa being a new Mum (to a nearly one year old!) & Sarah being pregnant; well being has become such an important part of our lives in the past couple of years. Gone are our crazy 20s where we partied hard, ate & drunk too much and didn’t do enough ‘me time.’

Now our focus has really shifted from all the external goings on, to most importantly looking after ourselves inside and out & we’ve got to say we are feeling so good about it!

We wanted to share a few of the things that we’ve been doing recently both together & separately that have contributed to our newlyfound wellbeing…

Comfortable clothing

Being a new Mum Philippa’s style has definitely changed, it’s no longer about getting dressed up for the office but now all about feeling chic yet comfortable when she is on Mum duties! Luxe tracksuit bottoms and a great statement tee have become her go tos most days of the week. With Sarah being pregnant she has definitely had to put a stall on the high waisted jeans she had become accustomed to and finally feels she has nailed her maternity look with easy to wear trousers and flowing dusters that compliment her growing bump!

Knowing when to say no

A hard one to stick to but so important for wellbeing! With our jobs as fashion editors we often had to goto lots of work events as part of our jobs & now as bloggers it’s just thesame! Whilst we love getting dressed up and supporting brands sometimes after a tiring day saying no, throwing on some comfies & having an early night feels like it does us the world of good…who doesn’t feel better after a good night’s sleep?! This helps us focus on the important stuff & puts everything else in perspective.

Looking after our skin & hair

Working in the fashion industry for nearly 25 years combined, we have been lucky enough to try out some amazing hair & beauty products throughout the years but have often been guilty of coming home after a hard day at work & using a face wipe (despite knowing better!) So since hitting 30, we have spent time perfecting our skincare routine and both found products we love & that work for us. And honestly our skin is definitely thanking us for it! A hair mask is another pick me up we try and do as much as we can especially as we style it regularly for all our shoots.

Getting organised

Philippa has recently done up her house & Sarah is currently doing some DIY and there really is nothing better than doing those things at the top of your to do list. The big stuff is often out your hands (like fitting kitchens, tiling etc!) but the smaller things that are in our control like styling that storage unit or printing out pics for those empty frames, when you get them done it is the best feeling! We used to always put off these tasks but now we try to tackle them weekly so we never feel overloaded.

The same goes for our admin & work for the blog, we have a hardcore schedule, but we both try and stay on top of emails as much as possible and we’re constantly messaging and whatsapping which we find helps us feel like everything is always under control. There’s probably not an hour in the day where we’re not talking in some form or another! And most importantly we are always understanding with each other’s time frames, when one is feeling stressed the other one always steps in and vice versa, it’s cringy to say but we are the perfect team!

Friendship first

First and foremost we are bestfriends & work is separate & this is key for us. We never ever commit to anything the other doesn’t feel comfortable with and are always 100% honest with each other. Don’t always believe what they say about working with friends & family we can honestly say it is amazing to be able to start a business with your best friend & get to see each other almost daily! We’ve never had a cross word & we always make each other laugh – surely that’s what working with your bestie is all about?!

Health tips

This doesn’t come naturally to us we are real foodies BUT our rule of thumb is be good in the week & eat what we want on the weekend. This way we never deprive ourselves & we always look forward to the weekends! By the way…. our weekends start on Friday with a naughty lunch after our morning shoot (sometimes 5 Guys is just too hard to resist!)

Sarah Ellis & Phillipa Bloom


We Are Twinset is a fashion and lifestyle blog founded by Sarah Ellis & Phillipa Bloom, two stylists but more importantly best friends, working in London's fast-paced fashion industry.

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