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Summer Skincare: Back to Basics

Once you’ve found something that works, it’s easy to sit back and rely on a skincare regime year-round, always expecting the same results. While that might work for some, you can easily optimise your routine as the seasons change, by making a few small tweaks.


We all know that with the sun comes new skin concerns and focuses, so here are some ideas to help keep your skin safe and glowing as the weather changes.


1.     Lighten up!


In the colder seasons, it’s standard procedure to fall back on heavier cream or balm cleansers and more hydrating moisturisers. As the weather improves and you don’t have central heating to contend with, you might find that your skin isn’t as dry, and your old products become too rich. Consider making the switch to a lightweight moisturiser. You might also want to try a Foaming Cleanser for that squeaky-clean feel. They’re the best for blasting surplus oil.


2.     SPF, always. No excuses.


Experts have discovered that you don’t even need to burn to damage your skin on a cellular level. Just tanning can hurt, so if you’re naturally fair, it’s time to embrace it or fake it. Experts tell us we should be wearing SPF all year, as UVA rays are there year-round, but if you’re not then now’s the time. Use an SPF of Factor 30 to 50 depending on your skin type and apply it after cleansing and serum, before make-up. You may even find that with an SPF you can skip your usual moisturiser, as your sun-protection should be hydrating enough for most skin types. Win!


3.     All About Eyes.


Hotter weather can cause an increase in inflammation. Choose a cooling eye cream to treat the extra sensitive eye-bag area and depuff where you need to. Overnight it’ll treat and moisturise and during the day it provides the perfect base for make-up.


4.     Treat Yourself.


You might find that during periods of higher temperature your skin needs a little extra TLC. Be sure to cleanse thoroughly each night, removing make-up and applying a night cream to replenish. You might also want to try a mask or oil treatment to help maintain that glow. Look for one that contains antioxidants for an added layer of protection.

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