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Storage solutions for a clutter-free bedroom

We don’t know about you, but a mid-summer bedroom revamp can be both cathartic and long-awaited. As we prepare to enter a new season, it is the perfect time to let go of old vibes, and clutter and introduce a fresh new style. 

Take this opportunity to organise yourself, your home, and your environment to suit your needs and radiate that calming and accomplished feeling. And, what better way to do this than starting in your own bedroom? 

Our experts will help you choose the best bed and even storage headboards that will suit your style, room size or storage needs.
It’s recommended that you invest in a new bed at the same time as a mattress to maximise comfort, as the base of your bed will have undergone the same amount of stress and strain that your mattress has. Makes sense to us.

With the recommended lifespan of a mattress just seven years, could it be time to level up your comfort needs? 

What is a storage bed?


Your bed is the primary piece of furniture in the room and will take up the largest amount of floor space. Storage beds are multi-functional, offering hidden storage with the same footprint as the bed itself. They offer practical and often elegant storage solutions to maximise your space.

Types of storage beds

Because of the way each bed incorporates the storage space, there are different types of storage beds. This is useful to know when shopping for one as it will help you to work out which type works best for your room.

Ottoman beds

An ottoman bed is one that typically utilises the entire space under the bed for storage. Rather than pulling the storage system out from underneath the bed, you lift up the bed base and mattress from either the side or the end of the bed. If you’re worried about this being heavy, fear not. This style of bed will usually have an integrated hydraulics system to support you to lift it up; perfect for storing anything you don’t need right away but want easy access to.

Full ottoman

A full ottoman will offer the full space under the bed for storage. These are available in both side lift and end lift types, which is often a consideration depending on the space you have in the room.

Half ottoman

A half-lift ottoman offers, well, half the space under the bed as storage. Why? Well, it’s actually the perfect compromise for rooms such as lofts where you may have slanted ceilings and struggle with the height needed to elevate the full base of the bed.

Divan beds with drawers

Divan beds offer a nice sturdy base with traditionally built-in drawers that pull out. Typically, these will come with either 2 or 4 drawers. Which option you go for will depend on budget, storage needs and space around the bed. 

Choose one for each of the kids and let them organise their little treasures with the addition of some smaller storage compartments to keep some sort of order.

What type of storage bed is best?

It honestly really depends on your needs and which room it’s for. For example, if you were opting for an ottoman bed for your spare bedroom, you may choose a medium-price point bed (as you won’t be sleeping in it every night) but want full ottoman storage. This is best if you plan to store your winter wardrobe in there during the summer months.

Consider not just the size of the room it’s going in, but the fact you may also need less additional furniture for storage overall. Finally, you can get rid of that material wardrobe you’ve hated for years.

5 best storage beds

Here are our favourite storage beds that will help you dream of a clutter-free, luxury bedroom.

1. Four drawer velvet storage bed


It probably won’t be lost on you that grey has become one of the most popular colour schemes for your modern home. The velvet upholstered bed offers a soft, contemporary feel with its beautifully upholstered soft grey deep-panelled headboard. Not only does this bed look great, but it’s practical too with drawers on either side for extra storage solutions.

Frame the space by picking the perfect rug in a contrasting colour.

2. Solid pine storage bed


This blank canvas bed is perfect for a children’s bedroom or a small spare room that needs extra storage. It’s the bed that literally gives you it all - shelving, storage drawers and under-bed trundle for when your little one has a sleepover. Choose one for each of the kids and let them organise their little treasures with the addition of some smaller storage compartments to keep some sort of order. 

3. Classic wooden full ottoman bed


A country-style chic bed that comes with a gas piston system to easily swing up and access the under-bed storage compartment from the end of the bed. Perfect for those who have white-wood, clean and warm tones in their bedrooms. Re-create this gorgeous look by accessorising with a fur throw and scatter cushions.

4. Emerald full ottoman bed


Talk about a bed upgrade! Padded headboards are hugely popular now, and the Luna velvet bed by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen takes you to a whole new level of comfort. With a luxurious diamond-scoring design. Constructed with deep foam padding, this headboard is perfect for sitting up in bed and reading.

Featuring another gas piston system to reveal the secret storage beneath, you can keep your clutter stored away with class. Just choose the perfect bedside lamp to set the mood.

5. Banero folding oak bed


Calling all space savers! If you are short on space, this unique, stylish and versatile wall bed is ideal. Simply fold it away against the wall during the day and unfold it again at night. It attaches to the wall and has a sleeping area of 90 x 190cm. The perfect solution for families with small spaces who may have children visiting over the weekend.

Think family occasions, sleepovers - you name it. Add some funky children's bedding to make the space even more inviting. 

The benefits of storage beds

Every bedroom is unique to the owner’s style, function, and space organisation needs. Bed frames with storage provide solutions to multiple problems for different households - but that doesn’t mean they can’t look beautiful.

Here are some reasons why you should consider upgrading to a bed with storage.

Clean and space-saving

Having an all-in-one solution means there are fewer nooks and crannies to collect dust in! Keeping your items clean and ready to use is one benefit, but keeping them in a space that would otherwise be wasted is satisfying.

Stowing away your extra bits and bobs means fewer surfaces exposed, keeping everything neat, tidy and pristine.

Calm and clutter-free

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about a contemporary minimalistic bedroom you might see in a fancy hotel? 

The key is reducing and removing clutter. Choosing beds with a variety of storage solutions will hide away the day-to-day bits that you might want at arm’s reach, but not necessarily on display.

Sneaky extra storage solutions

“Where does all of this stuff come from?!” we hear you! Tiny houses or smaller rooms really highlight how much your belongings can accumulate. 

If you live in a place where space is at a premium, or you have kids sharing bedrooms, being able to benefit from that less obvious additional storage will be a total blessing.

How to organise under-bed storage?

The first thing to do is really consider what things you’d like to store in that space. As we’ve mentioned previously, start by considering if there is an additional piece of furniture that you could strip down and consolidate your items into.

Consider choosing specific categories such as shoes, guest bed linen and towels, toys, or seasonal wardrobe items such as holiday clothing or winter coats and scarves.

Alternative under-bed storage ideas

Not got a multi-purpose bed to store your clutter away in? That doesn’t mean you don’t still have ample room in that space for storage. There are plenty of options to DIY that under-bed space and organise your excess items beautifully.

Bed drawers


Under-bed drawers come in a variety of depths and materials. Imagine the drawers from inside your chest of drawers, but fitting perfectly under your bed. Some options include castors so that you can easily slide out of the drawer and access your items seamlessly.

End-of-bed storage


End-of-bed storage is one of the most versatile as it can also serve as a multifunctional piece. It’s common to have a blanket box at the end of your bed so you’ve got something cosy to hand in between seasons, but having a bench top is also really popular for help when you are dressing in the morning.  

Storage bags


For families that are moving things around a lot and want to consolidate items to a space that can double up to be transported, storage bags are an excellent and cost-effective way to add extra storage.

Vacuum storage bags


It’s like magic. If you’ve not used vacuum storage bags yet, you’re in for a satisfying treat. Simply load in your garments, duvets, pillows etc and use your vacuum to remove the air. You’ll save up to 75% of the space! Perfect for maximising any storage area.

Underbed storage baskets


When you want under-bed storage, you want it to look beautiful too. These baskets are the perfect shape and size for that under-bed area but provide a more natural aesthetic and are easier to match your decor.

Why compromise?

Storage headboards

Storage? Within a headboard? Yes, you heard right. These modern pieces have become super popular ever since the traditional full bed surrounds lacked the space-saving elements we are all looking for. Storage headboards offer the perfect combo; a contemporary space to showcase your books, decor and lighting without taking up too much space!

Beds with storage headboards are essential for people with limited spaces, like a studio, kids shared rooms and smaller quarters.
Choosing a headboard with shelves means you’re getting a combination of a bed and cabinets. A 2-in-1 solution means you won’t need to crowd your space with multiple pieces of furniture

Our Biface storage headboard is practical and functional. This contemporary headboard is the ideal solution for a small bedroom, offering a compact design with shelves and plenty of space to plonk your coffee and favourite book. Make it your own and accessories with a plant, lamp or poster. 

We also love the Archy headboard with storage compartments. Perfect for adult & kid's bedrooms alike, this modern storage headboard frames the space for books and your alarm clock at arm's reach. 

Cosy up with some new bedding

You’ve chosen your new bed, you’ve selected the right storage for you, and you’re pretty much there! 

Don’t forget the most important items - pillows, duvet and new bedding. With all of that unsightly clutter gone you can indulge in a couple of pieces to really make your space feel luxurious.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary for peace and rest. We all deserve a comforting bedroom that provides peace and solace to recharge and rejuvenate for another day. Removing unnecessary clutter will help you to relax so you can sleep better, breathe better and function better. 

Create your dream environment today. 

For more advice for your bedroom makeover, take a look at our guide on picking the perfect bed sheets and achieving a good night’s sleep. 
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