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How to Host the Best World Cup Party

House full of footie fans or just want an excuse for a get together? We’ve got you covered with our World Cup party plans.


Football. We’ll be honest – it’s not usually our favourite thing to watch (give us Love Island or endless reruns of Friends any day), but we can’t help getting excited about the World Cup. Will England finally repeat the victory of 1966? Probably not. Will we get to see David Beckham on telly? Strong possibility. And we like those odds!

Any big sporting event is a great excuse to get friends and family round for a celebration – it doesn’t really matter if England win or lose, as long as the sun’s shining and the prosecco’s on ice! So here are our top tips for hosting the perfect World Cup party… even if your knowledge of football starts and ends with history scrolling Beckham’s Instagram (we don’t know any other footballers, ok?!).


Plan the date

Check out your team’s match dates and plan your party accordingly so you can watch the action and cheer along.


Set up a screen

If you’re hosting outside, make sure you have a screen in the garden so your guests don’t have to go inside to watch the match.  Wheel out the telly, or borrow a projector, hang up a sheet to show the image and stream the match from your laptop.


Create a playlist

Theme your tunes around World Cups of the past – remember Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)? Or that timeless classic, Vindaloo?! There’s also an official World Cup 2018 playlist on Spotify, which is surprisingly listenable!


Do a food and drink sweepstake

Put all the teams in a hat and ask your guests to pick one. The idea is each guest brings a food or drink offering from his or her chosen country, so you get an eclectic and delicious mix to enjoy on the day.


Create a photobooth

We’re still not bored of photobooths – they’re such a great way to get loads of snaps without one person having to be the designated photographer. Set up a camera on a tripod with a self-timer remote, hang a St George flag for the background and adorn your guests with footie-themed props.


Let the games begin

Footie matches are only 90 mins long (extra time allowing), so keep guests occupied for the rest of your party with some sporty games. Competitive keepie uppies, goalie shoot-outs and maybe even some actual football should keep them going before and after the Beautiful Game.

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