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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home

Lockdown… not the most romantic concept, is it? Maybe being stuck inside the house with your significant other might’ve been appealing this time last year but after many months of it, you might be feeling just a little bit fed up. Remember restaurants? Going out for drinks? The cinema? All the classic date night options are off the table right now, so we’re getting creative and sharing some ideas to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. 

Set the scene

First things first – switching up your space will help make it feel more special. If, like us, you’ve been sitting on the same sofa in the same spot eating dinner in front of the telly for the last 11 months, it’s time to make a change. 
If you’re planning a romantic meal for two, set up a proper dining space. If you don’t have a dining room, pull a table into the middle of the room and push other furniture and any general life junk out of sight. Get creative with your table settings – we’re talking proper tablecloth, placemats, a centrepiece (we love faux flowers and plants for this) and candles. 

Create a proper playlist

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but TURN THE TELLY OFF. We love The Masked Singer as much as anyone, but it needs to go. Watch it on catch-up later, and play some tunes instead. 
Rather than going soppy and romantic, create a playlist of songs that remind you of fun times with your partner – the song that played around the pool on your last summer holiday, or the one you danced to when you first met in that grubby student club. We may not have much of a social life right now but we did once upon a time and we will again, so have fun remembering the good times and making plans for the future. 

Recreate your favourite restaurant meal

Oh, how we miss restaurants! If you’d usually be booking a table for two at your favourite little place for a cosy Valentine’s Day meal, staying at home just isn’t the same. But check in with that restaurant – they may be offering a takeaway service with a special V-Day menu that you can collect and serve at home. 
You could also ask your favourite food spot for some ideas to help recreate their dishes yourself – they might have some recipes or cook-a-long guides to share. 

Get mixing

If you’re really missing the buzz of the bar scene, check in with your local and see if they’re offering any premixed cocktails you can have at home. Recreate the experience with a menu of options, a proper mixer, fancy glasses and fresh fruit. Don’t forget to try a bit of mixologist flair when you’re shaking that mixer!

Go for an evening walk

Ok, we know it’s cold out there. And even if you got dressed up for dinner, you’re probably still wearing your slippers. But going out for an evening walk is something many of us haven’t done for months, and it’s definitely worth saving your daily exercise for. If you’re able, pop out for a 20-minute stroll after your food. Have a proper chat, cuddle together to keep warm, take a torch! 

Finish with some fun

After an evening of delicious food, sparkly drinks and good tunes, it’s time to wrap things up… but not before we have a giggle! Lockdown has been particularly tough this time round, and it’s easy to let the stress of life make you snappy and short with each other. So leave all that behind and do something that really makes you laugh – it could be anything from drawing a portrait of each other to watching funny videos on YouTube or telling stories about hilarious moments you shared together. Just get those belly laughs going and finish the night on a high!
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