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21 décor ideas for a small living room layout

We know having limited space in your living area can be frustrating. You want to be able to host guests comfortably, feel cosy, look on-trend, and have room for entertainment - the list goes on.

These days, some living areas are even doubling up as a home office which can make the area feel congested. 
But worry not - we’re here to help you outsmart your small living area and transform the way you use the space with these handy hacks and tricks! It’s time to get that living area that you’ve always wanted.
We’re here to walk you through different decor ideas, tips, strategies, and hacks for transforming your small living room without clutter and overcrowding it. 
Here are 21 decor ideas to enhance your small space living.

1. Assess your small living room layout 

Before any transformation, look at your living room’s current situation. Take a good look and begin decluttering the things you do not need or haven’t used for months. You will need a blank canvas to start with before the magic happens.

2. Consider nesting furniture 


When it comes to multifunctional furniture, there’s nothing better. Adding a set of nesting tables means you’ll have a few compact options, but will allow you to stack them all up when the occasion calls for more space.

You can also use these to elevate certain pieces of decor to add pops of colour and texture, such as planters with artificial plants.

2. The best things come in small packages

Let’s talk about sofas. Keep in mind that in working with small living areas, there must be a balance between comfort and practicality in your choices of furniture.

Choose a compact sofa to give way for other types of seating options with accessories and decor to lighten up the room. By opting for a smaller sofa, you get that comfortable and cosy seating with a space-saving mindset, as well as making it easy to get into the room when it arrives.

4. Slim down your furniture


A console table is one of our favourite décor ideas for a small living room. Console tables are very useful if you are looking to add on-table decors, such as vases, lamps or other small storage items.

This type of table is slim and narrow, fitting into small spaces and hallways  - perfect for adding personality to your space without congesting it.

5. Stash it all away

An ottoman, or a pouffe, is a great multi-functional piece that you can use as a coffee table, storage, footrest, and additional seat when the occasion calls.

Find a fine ottoman that suits your style and complements the limited space of your living room with more storage and added seating.

6. Put it all aside 


Worrying you won’t have room for a traditional sideboard? A low and compact sideboard can help you with this without the pain of occupying so much space.

Choosing a smaller, modern sideboard design will help you with storage needs and enable you to flaunt some of your beautiful decor pieces.

7. Clever coffee tables

A coffee table for a small living room is an essential item, but depending on the size and style this can take up more floor space than you’d like.

Storage coffee tables are a multipurpose addition to your furniture list when it comes to revamping your living room, as they offer practical storage space for books, magazines, and coasters alike, whilst adding a touch of style.

8. Add height


TV Stands tend to be some of the bulkiest furniture items in your room. Rise up with a more contemporary design. Consider exploring a ladder TV unit that is both aesthetically unique and a convenient piece of furniture to store other items such as remotes, boxes and speakers.

9. Get creative with your corners

If your space is limited, don't let those corner spaces go to waste! You can choose to install your TV in a vacant corner space to save you the floor space that might typically be taken up by a bulky TV stand or a TV cabinet. Using a corner unit can help create a focal point to base your seating around.

This also works extremely well if you are looking for small living room ideas with a TV and dining table combined, as you will free up the extra room for you to style a dining area.

10. Use mirrors as an optical illusion


Mirrors are one of the greatest hacks in trying to expand the look and feel of a very limited room. By using mirrors, you create an optical illusion of expanded space. You may prefer to build a design on your walls or hang a few wall-spanning mirrors with a frame that suits your style.

We know that mirrors will be your best friend in maximising and transforming a small space, so much so, that we created a list of Mirror Do’s and Don’ts to help illuminate your space.

11. Cosy up the walls 

Spruce up your walls by upholstering them with cosy textures of fabric to create contrast with your furniture, walls, and floor area. This creates a more three-dimensional feel of the overall look of your living space.

Not ready to go all-in on the fabric walls? Layer some hand-woven wall accessories with mixed texture decor pieces to achieve a similar feel.

12. Make your seating special


Allow your creativity to be sparked when considering maximising seating options for you and your guests. There are various ways to mix and match seating options. Don’t be afraid to explore!

You can match daybeds with accent chairs and throw in some floor cushions. This flexibility allows you and your guests to feel more comfortable depending on their preference while maximising your space with the most seating you can set up.

13. Maximise high ceilings 

If you have limited space, yet you are lucky enough to have high ceilings, this is your sign to style them up! You have this ceiling space that you can use up to put up decor that matches the vibe you are going for and it will never eat up any of your floor space.

Talk about styling with no worries.

Hang up some beautiful ornaments or hanging planters to elongate your room and prevent the space from looking stuffed.

14. Embrace the open plan


Open plan living is the modern way, and many homes are now aiming to maximise this space, exploring “small living room dining room combo” layout ideas. Creating zones within your open plan layout is a great way to give the feel of 2 separate rooms in 1.

Consider opting for a corner sofa to serve as a partial divider and close this section, and use your dining table and seating to command the remainder of the space.

Using two different colour schemes for your decor and accessories in each zone will help them to really shine as individual spaces!

15. Built-in storage

Add storage to your space like built-in shelves and built-in cabinets to house your crockery, files and other items. Transform any small nook with this built-in layered storage that uses minimal floor space.

You can also add a fold-down desk to use as a working nook - just grab a chair, set up your laptop and you’re good to go. 

16. Consider your colour combinations


When it comes to small living room decorating ideas, the colour you choose for your walls plays a big part in the feel of the space. When you choose a darker wall colour, it gives a sophisticated and rich look to a space.

To complement this, play around with bright-coloured furniture and bold pieces to add contrast and life to the room. 

17. Put your artwork placement to the test

We all love a gallery wall, but it’s possible to overwhelm your wall with a lot of artwork as it can create a smothering impression on your room’s space.

Strategically selecting and displaying your art items on the wall at a higher point actually creates a perception of high ceilings and more elongated walls.

Talk about outsmarting your space.

18. Lighten up your walls


While dark-coloured walls with bright furniture create more intimacy and richness to the space, choosing white to paint your walls instantly expands the space of your living room.

If you don’t get as much natural light in the room as you’d like, this is a fantastic way to reflect the light you are getting.

White walls will also give you more room to explore different colours of the artwork and furniture pieces as it is very flexible to pair with almost any colour. 

19. Use transparent furniture 

Create a minimalist feel amongst a variety of items. Using transparent acrylic or glass furniture offers an illusion of floating objects because of its see-through attributes.

This simple addition helps you arrange much-needed furniture pieces without looking too busy. Whether you opt for a transparent desk or coffee table, these semi-invisible items fit with any colour scheme.

20. Take neutral tones 


Keep your small nook cosy and warm by using warm and neutral colours that elude comfort and sultry warmth. Having a consistent colour scheme offers a cohesive feel across the space, whether large or small.

Layer textiles and rugs that are neutral colours to produce this cosy finish.

21. Skip the armrests 

Create a wider view by skipping the armrests on your sofa and armchairs. This creates a fluid and spacious feel because of the lack of borders for these seating choices. A low-back sofa style is also very chic and should be considered as an option if you are aiming to not close off the space.
You’ll have noticed there are some key principles that mustn't be overlooked when furnishing a small living room space. Think multi-function, multi-function, multi-function! Always consider where something could have a dual use.

Aiming to maintain flexibility towards the mixing and matching of furniture and balancing practicality and beauty is key to optimising your limited floor space. Want more inspiration for your wall decor? We’ve got it covered with expert insight on the latest wall decor ideas
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