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20 Reasons We Can't Wait For Summer

There’s more to summer than blue skies and beer gardens, you know!

Aaaah, summer. Our favourite season. After what seems like an endless winter, summer is finally here and we just can’t get enough. Here are 20 reasons we love this time of year…


1. It’s actually warm.

An obvious one but when you’ve battled through snowstorms in April, that first properly warm day feels like you’re living in the tropics.




2. The days are longer.

No need to crawl into bed when darkness descends at 4pm – it stays light till at least 9.30, so you can make the most of those after-work golden hours.


3. You can ditch the extra-padded, faux fur-lined winter coat

We won’t go as far as saying you won’t need any coat at all (we’re still in Britain, after all), but your Arctic-conditions coat can be packed away until at least October.


4. Sandals are in…




5. Which also means you can treat yourself to a pedicure

Win, win.


6. Beer gardens are back

There’s nothing better than sipping an ice-cold beverage on a sunny terrace.




7. Your freckles will make an appearance

If you’re lucky enough to have them, that is. We draw ours on with a special freckle pencil (yep, that’s a thing!).


8. Fab lollies are in the shops

Our newsagent hasn’t seen this much of us since last summer…


9. Spending 2 hours bikini shopping is a legitimate use of time

We like this stripy one, this floral number and this cut-out swimsuit, FYI.




10. All the holidays

You need at least one with the girls, one with your partner or BFF and a solo trip where you spend your time eating great food and pretending you’re a local.


11. It’s peony season again

Think of all the Instagram opportunities.



12. Two words – alfresco dining

Grab a table on the pavement, order your favourite dish with a cheeky glass of wine and spend an afternoon watching the world go by.


13. Getting dressed in the morning is so much easier

No need for thermal underwear, chunky jumpers that won’t fit under your coat or two pairs of socks – throw on a summery dress (like this cute floral print one), some sandals and you’re good to go.




14. There’s a Bank Holiday Weekend coming up

And you can spend it lounging about on a blanket at the park, eating crisps and dips and gossiping.


15. You can go to the beach

Sure, it’s not quite the same as being in Spain but you can paddle in the sea, eat ice cream and play in the arcades like you did when you were 7.


16. It’s time to get your beachy highlights back

Summer hair is lighter, brighter and totally tousled – think Californian surfer babe. Ask your hairdresser for balayage to get the laidback look on-point.



17. You can switch to tinted moisturiser

Ditch your full coverage foundation and go for a glowy look instead.


18. There are loads of great films on at the cinema

They don’t call ‘em summer blockbusters for nothing, you know.


19. You can resurrect your daily iced coffee habit

It’s a caffeine boost and refreshing beverage all in one. What’s not to love?




20. Everything just looks better in the sunshine

It really, really does. Love you, summer!

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