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17 beautiful gender-neutral nursery themes for your bundle of joy

Why choose a gender-neutral theme for your nursery? 

Choosing a beautiful nursery theme for your baby is not just about choosing between pink and blue! These days, having a neutral nursery theme gives you so much more versatility and can enable you to blend seamlessly from the hallway to the nursery.
Perhaps you are planning ahead but don’t know the gender of your little one yet. So many nurseries in the past have succumbed to a typical yellow theme, but this has been seriously overdone. Check out these beautiful gender-neutral nursery ideas that suit your baby girls, baby boys and parents who prefer something a little more subtle.

1. Sweet Safari 


This nursery theme is vibrant and playful. You can add safari animals like lions, giraffes, zebra and a whole lot more. A theme like this has become popular due to it being educational for your baby and helping to develop their love for animals. You can also add safari knitted toys, a safari bedding set or a koala mobile, which can easily be removed once your child outgrows them. And if you don't have the space fit for a rain forest or dessert, look for handy (and really on theme) wall storage.

2. Whimsical Woodland


Credit: @littlebitofnumberseven

A combination of whimsical animals and woodland nature elements. This atmosphere will give your baby plenty to look at, showcasing a classy combination of trees and animals. Add some atmosphere with these glass bottle string lights. We love a combination of panelled walls and printed wallpaper that will last in the years to come. Choose patterns such as trees and plants; foxes, rabbits and bears - your baby will learn so much from this nursery theme. 

3. Story Book Classics


Credit: @hashtag_this_girl_can_

Do you want to raise a reader? Go with this storybook theme for a look that will spark their creative flair. Add some stylish shelving to show off a wide range of story books in their room or consider canvases and artwork featuring classic storybook characters. With this theme, the possibilities are endless! You can go from modern to the classic design.

4. Tipi and Tumble


This theme is perfect if you want to raise your baby with an adventurous and wild-spirited feeling in their room. This look is bright and trendy, either add in a bold sunrise on your feature wall or keep the walls neutral and jazz it up with a colourful rug. Try introducing DIY-style pieces of furniture that will match a tribal look and feel, and add in animals to soften the look.

5. Farmhouse


Credit: @amii_interiors_

This classic, charming, and rustic gender-neutral nursery theme truly is gorgeous. You can play around with neutral colours like brown and beige and add patterned accessories for texture. Soft furnishings such as neutral rugs, sandy knit throws and cushions help to make it even cosier. 

6. Outer Space


For your future astronaut explorer - make your baby’s dreams turn into a reality with an adventurous space theme. Add glow-in-the-dark stars and milky way, or, even a rocket ship night light to complete the look of a lifetime. Choosing space-themed bedding adds a real statement piece to the room.

7. Modern Serenity


This type of room has no specific theme at all. It’s just simple, livable and serene. This design is more focused on creating a space that feels calming to you - the parents. This beautiful choice combines soft furnishings and minimalistic toys to create a clutter-free environment. Try adding this wall-mounted changing table to save surface space.

8. Geometric Gems


Are you a fan of mid-century modern? Go for the geometric nursery theme in a variety of colour combinations and you will have yourself a nursery that will grow with them. These simple shapes certainly shine if you execute them well. Try adding hexagonal shelves and geometric rugs layered together to make the most of this theme.

9. Clean & Simple


When it comes to the design work, this really does what it says on the tin. This theme will usually use only neutral colours, like warm whites, beiges, and greys. You may wish to add simple storage, wall art or line drawings to make it chic and classy.

10. Boho Baby


Showcasing warm neutrals and classic wooden furniture pieces, boho gender-neutral nursery ideas are the way to go. This theme is relaxed yet super stylish and is especially popular among creative parents. Decorate with pieces like string lights, macramé wall art and an Aftas jute rug.

11. Monochrome


A nursery should have a calming ambience and symbolise elegance and tidiness. Try this perfect monochromatic theme that balances the white and black elements. Plenty of storage will help to keep the look clean. Want to vary the look slightly? You can also add contrasting furniture like a colourful changing table for a striking look.

12. Cottage Charm


Dreamy white linens, wooden window shutters and all the whimsical characters make this cottage charm theme beautiful! Aside from its clean and classic look, it adds warmth and comfort. Add your own gorgeous antique rocking chair, and add country classic wall decor and lighting solutions that complement your white or neutral wall colour.

13. Dino-theme


Dinosaurs can work so well as a gender-neutral nursery theme. Combining colour blocking as a paint feature, and adding themed bedding and cuddly dino friends is a winning combination. We love that you can even match your light shade to your themed bedding, keeping the rest of the nursery relatively minimalistic.

14. Eclectic Elements


A laid-back style with natural tones and a mix of modern and colourful furniture styles! This eclectic themed nursery room is perfect if you want to achieve a casual and cosy space. One of the easiest ways to add colour to the eclectic nursery while giving it a sense of uniqueness is the use of abstract wallpaper, and various patterns and textures to change things up.

15. Under the Sea 


Babies are often fascinated by sea life, and if you know you’re going to have a water baby this could be the perfect theme. This “under the sea theme” is so fun and can be complemented by fish or whale wall art. Try decorating in deep blues and add cute little touches like this seahorse comforter. For an extra added touch, a traveller's trunk makes for perfect storage and decoration. 

16. Big and Bold


Credit: @new_build_forever_home

Feeling daring? Pick your favourite big and bold colour for your baby’s nursery and paint it on a single, feature wall to create a statement. Using colourful furniture like this quirky Waldo children's bookcase will not only utilise the space but complement it too. Even better, layer with printed wallpaper to enhance the colour mix. Bright, colourful gender-neutral nursery themes are versatile, and add so much joy to the room. 

17. Rainbow Baby


Colours help the baby’s visual and cognitive development, so why not have a rainbow-themed nursery room? Make a real splash of colours into a neutral blank canvas. This unique floor mirror with a grab bar makes a great addition for a baby to learn - especially if you have ballet boots in the family! 
Whether you like your rooms clean and simple, vibrant and colourful, vintage or boho, choosing a gender-neutral nursery theme doesn’t mean you are limited to just beige or white! As you can see from this fantastic sample of inspiring rooms, you just need a plan and a vision in order to achieve what you want. Let it evolve and shape itself. After all, every baby is different.
Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment! We hope this piece helped you to decide on your decorating direction for the baby’s room.
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