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Skechers is an American brand of athletic footwear, founded in Manhattan Beach in 1992. A subsidiary of the LA Gear brand, Skechers originally offered sneaker models perfectly suited to skateboarding. Ideally situated within the urban sportswear trend, Skechers was a great success, particularly with a young, trendy clientele. An advertising campaign focused on this age range featured celebrities such as Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. Since 2000, the brand has been diversifying its production, offering Skechers boots, high-top sneakers and dress shoes in addition to the sports shoes for which it is famous. Skechers sneakers benefit from the brand's know-how: they are pleasant to wear, comfortable, solid and can be worn for sports as well as everyday wear. Thanks to their inspired, trendy designs, these shoes are just as appealing to fashionistas as they are to sports enthusiasts.
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