Theoline Embroidered 100% Cotton Net Curtain with Hidden Tabs

SIZE W135 x D260cm
Dimension: height x width
Product Description

Theoline Embroidered 100% Cotton Net Curtain with Hidden Tabs, white, LA REDOUTE INTERIEURS

Lightness and hold of a cotton veil, delicacy of flower embroidery... Theoline is a sheer curtain full of poetry. It creates a soft atmosphere in the house.
Cotton is part of our daily lives. We love it for its suppleness, softness and ease of care.

Product Details
 •  100% cotton
 •  Embroidery
 •  Hidden tab finishes
 •  Stitched hem

The tabs give a regular wave to the curtain and an impeccable straight fall.

Care Advice
 •  Machine washable
 •  Fabrics made from natural fibres may shrink in the first wash. Always wash your curtains before making any alterations.

 •  Drop 260 x W135cm

Colours White
Sizes W135 x D260cm

cm to inches conversion (LR Interieurs)

cm inches
W45 x D90 W18 x D35
W45 x D120 W18 x D47
W45 x D160 W18 x D63
W60 x D90 W24 x D35
W60 x D120 W24 x D47
W60 x D140 W24 x D55
W60 x D160 W24 x D63
W70 x D120 W27 x D47
W90 x D200 W35 x D79
W135 x D180 W53 x D71
W135 x D220 W53 x D87
W135 x D240 W53 x D94
W135 x D250 W53 x D98
W135 x D260 W53 x D102
W135 x D350 W53 x D138
W140 x D180 W55 x D71
W140 x D240 W55 x D94
W140 x D250 W55 x D98
W140 x D260 W55 x D102
W140 x D350 W55 x D138
W145 x D180 W57 x D71
W145 x D220 W57 x D87
W145 x D260 W57 x D102
W145 x D350 W57 x D138
W150 x D180 W59 x D71
W150 x D220 W59 x D87
W150 x D250 W59 x D98
W150 x D260 W59 x D102
W150 x D350 W59 x D138
W280 x D240 W110 x D94
W280 x D260 W110 x D102
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