Alcana Green Marble Side Table

Green Marble

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Product Description

Alcana Green Marble Side Table, green marble, AM.PM

A marble table with a sheen whose veins draw abstract patterns in random hues. Each Alcana piece of furniture is unique.
Product Details
 •  Structure in FSC® plywood (poplar wood), covered in green marble. Each piece is unique, the marbling can be more or less marked and the colours varied.

Care Advice
 •  Marble is a naturally porous material that is sensitive to stains. To keep it in good condition, follow the maintenance advice below:
 •  Avoid placing hot objects on the surface, use coasters and trivets.
 •  Immediately wipe up any spilled liquid with a white cloth dipped in lukewarm water and wrung out.
 •  Maintain your marble regularly with products from our partner Akemi®.
 •  We advise you to use Akemi® Crystal Clean Spray for your daily maintenance and, at least once a month, Akemi® Triple Effect Spray to clean and protect your marble surface.. This will reinforce the initial treatment and its water-repellent effect will prevent dirt from easily penetrating the stone..
 •  If you want to use products other than those of our partner Akemi®, choose only pH-neutral cleaners.
 •  Acid, anti-limescale or bleach-based products are not recommended.

 •  Width: 30cm
 •  Height: 30cm
 •  Depth: 50cm

Sold pre-assembled. It will be delivered to your door. Note! Please check that all access points are large enough to accommodate your delivery (doors, stairs, lifts).

Dimensions and weight of parcel
1 parcel
 •  L64 x D44 x H43.5cm, 27kg
Colours Green Marble


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