900ml Compact Dehumidifier

Product Description

900ml Compact Dehumidifier, white, BLACK & DECKER

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The dehumidifier tackles excess moisture in the air to help alleviate allergies and lower humidity for a healthier home. By reducing condensation, it prevents any mould, mildew and other common allergens from building up in small rooms with excess water and poor air circulation. With its portable and lightweight design, the dehumidifier is easy to move between the bathroom, bedroom or office for a healthier environment wherever you go.

The water tank is capable of extracting up to 250ml of unwanted moisture a day, lasting you days of operation before it's ready to be emptied. When the tank reaches its full capacity, the automatic shut off function will activate to prevent any leaks or spillages. An LED indicator displays the device's current status, with easy-to-use touch controls allowing you to operate it at the push of a button. The mini dehumidifier is energy efficient to provide you with powerful performance at a low running cost all year round.

Product Dimensions: H 21.7 x W 14.5 x 14.5 cm
Colours White
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