Linen voile curtains

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A wide range of linen voile curtains to suit all tastes.

For your living space, light is truly essential. So when you dress your windows in a fine, light, authentic fabric, you let in the light while adding a chic, timeless touch to your interior design.

A linen curtain could be sensational for your decor - go for it! Our buyers have been won over by our 'Curtains' collection, giving us an overall rating of 4.24 out of 83 product reviews. After ten or so mornings of use, "Caroline" was kind enough to leave us this review: "Super rendering. I bought them for the living room and they're perfect, they let the light through even when closed and give the bohemian feel I was looking for". If you're looking for a size 45x90 cm, 140x350 cm, 140x280 cm or 45x260 cm, you'll find it on this page.
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