Fleece leggings

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Fancy some fleece leggings?

If you're hesitating between comfort and warmth, the choice is yours. These slims, often made of polyester, mold perfectly to your body for optimum comfort. They're lined with warm fabrics to protect you from the winter chill.

In addition, choose the shade that will boost your look. Ink or black will make you feel good in your sneakers. Since your budget is important to us, our catalog offers a wide range of finishes (fleece, cotton or polyester) to match your finances. Like Le Bourget, Calzedonia, Next or Guess? We're committed to offering them to you, to make your look unique. Fleece is a genuine insulator, which means it helps you stay warm. It's perfect for cold-weather activities like skiing or snowboarding. Also, fleece is a fabric that's soft and pleasant to the touch. It doesn't twist like other materials. Finally, the fleece used in leggings is a hard-wearing fabric that can withstand wear and tear. It doesn't lose its shape or color over time.
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