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Tefal is an internationally renowned brand and the world leader in non-stick cookware. Founded in 1956 in Sarcelles, France, Tefal patented the first "non-stick frying pan". Its name comes from the contraction of the words "teflon" and "aluminum". Despite its difficult beginnings, Tefal gradually made a name for itself through intensive innovation. The brand launched its first electric kettle, the first Tefal electronic bathroom scale, and a silicone mould, the Proflex mould, the first easy-to-remove mould. In 2008, Tefal launched the Actifry deep fryer, which makes a kilogram of French fries with just a spoonful of olive oil. Since 2005, the brand has outsourced its production of complete products to China. After joining the Marques Avenue network in 2006, it introduced a minimum 30% discount on all its products all year round. It has also launched an innovative range of complete kitchen kits comprising Tefal saucepans and stackable kettles with removable handles.
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