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A leader in the field of facial and body care appliances, Silk'n is a brand offering professional quality for personal use. In 2007, the brand launched the first pulsed-light epilator for the general public. Silk'n makes it possible for us to take care of our bodies like a professional, but ourselves and in our own homes. The brand offers products that are easy to use and highly effective. For example, we can find products such as a fat-reduction belt, microdermabrasion devices, electric shavers, hair straighteners, facial cleansing brushes, anti-cellulite devices, pulsed-light epilators and more. Silk'n offers a complete range of professional-quality products. The brand's strength lies in its pulsed-light epilators, which enable you to get rid of hair painlessly over the long term. The light destroys the hair root, so hair doesn't grow back.
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