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Organic cotton

Choosing cotton from organic farming means consuming responsibly. Why? Because it does not include any chemicals, pesticides, insecticides or GMOs. The result: a product created with minimal impact on biodiversity and the health of agricultural workers.

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Recycled materials

Choosing recycled materials is all about protecting the environment. The reasons are two-fold: Firstly, the more we recycle, the less raw materials we use and the more resources we save. Secondly, we reduce our levels of waste as this waste is converted into new resources. Resulting in a truly authentic virtuous circle.

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Sustainable viscose

Choosing lyocell is all about choosing an eco-friendly material produced from wool pulp and non-toxic solvents. Minimal water is required during production. making it a more environmentally-friendly alternative to viscose.

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Choosing a “STANDARD 100 certified product by OEKO-TEX®" (official product designation) is all about choosing textiles that contain no harmful substances and do not irritate the skin. This international benchmark label protects the health of consumers. Healthy, safe and responsible.

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FSC® Certified wood

FSC® certified wood comes from forests that are environmentally, socially and economically well managed

Choosing jute fibre means choosing a natural textile fibre which requires minimal water and chemicals to grow. Eco-friendly and beneficial for all.