Smart 2000W Downflow Heater

Product Description

Smart 2000W Downflow Heater, white, BLACK & DECKER

Rapidly warm up your home or office with this powerful wall mounted downflow heater. Ceramic heating technology circulates heat fast and efficiently, giving you instant warmth over the winter season. The fan setting offers versatility so you can enjoy cool airflow in the warmer months. Customise heat settings, set personalised schedules, automations or tap to run settings using the BLACK+DECKER Home App with Amazon Alexa, Google home or a smartphone for added convenience. An easy-to-use LED display shows the current room climate, with the remote or app allowing you to adjust speed settings and temperature to maximise your comfort. The automatic louvre swing distributes heat across a larger area to combat the cold, while a built-in eco sensor powers down the heater when a window is opened to save energy during the warmer weeks With a programmable weekly timer allowing you to set a weekly heating cycle at a specific time and day, the device works on your schedule to provide warmth when you need it.

Product Dimensions: 47x 33x 60cm
Weight: 3kg
One Size

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Colours White
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