Zoya Linen/Viscose Curtain

Natural/Graphite Grey

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Product Description

Zoya Linen/Viscose Curtain, natural/graphite grey, AM.PM

The Zoya curtain with soft tones and a perfect drape will dress your windows with simplicity and refinement. Made in France.
Product Details
 •  76% linen, 21% viscose, 3% cotton
 •  Rod pocket finish, hidden tabs
 •  Stitched hem, ready to hang
 •  Made in France

Quality Info
 •  Masters of Linen® Certification. A guarantee of traceable flax processed by European companies on European sites and Euromed 1. A textile of excellence, local at all stages: from European Flax® vegetable fibre, to yarn and fabric.
 •  The France Terre Textile organisation validates French-made articles in a short circuit with rules of social and environmental responsibility.

Care instructions
 •  Follow our care tips to maintain the quality of your product
 •  Washable at 30°

 •  Height 180 x Width 140cm
 •  Drop 220 x Width 140cm
 •  Height 260 x Width 140cm
 •  Drop 350 x Width 140cm

 •  Made in France.

Colours Natural/Graphite Grey
Sizes W140 x D220cm, W140 x D260cm, W140 x D320cm, W140 x D350cm

cm to inches conversion (AM.PM curtains)

cm inches
W130 x D280 W51 x D110
W135 x D180 W53 x D71
W135 x D220 W53 x D87
W135 x D260 W53 x D102
W135 x D350 W53 x D138
W140 x D180 W55 x D71
W140 x D220 W55 x D87
W140 x D260 W55 x D102
W140 x D350 W55 x D138
W150 x D180 W59 x D71
W150 x D220 W59 x D87
W150 x D260 W59 x D102
W150 x D350 W59 x D138
W220 x D280 W87 x D110
W420 x D180 W165 x D71
W420 x D220 W165 x D87
W420 x D260 W165 x D102
W420 x D350 W165 x D138
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