Newbury Haunted High School

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Newbury haunted high school , multi-coloured, LEGO HIDDEN SIDE

Young builders embark on a fun augmented reality ghost hunting adventure with the Lego Hidden Side Haunted Newbury School. This fascinating toy combines a Lego model to build and a digital application, to offer a fully interactive gaming experience. Interaction with the physical model leads to the appearance of events in the application. 

With continuous updates, a formidable phantom chief to fight, mysteries to solve, objects to find and ghosts to capture, this Lego Hidden Side toy brings an unprecedented dimension to the Lego game.! The model is filled with fabulous details conducive to hours of imaginative play. The children will love making this school-themed construction and playing with it, then try to defeat the ghosts that haunt the building.

The figures of the 2 heroes, Douglas Elton and 4 other characters, as well as an adorable ghost dog help make this school-themed toy even more exciting.

 •  Kids can download the Lego Hidden Side app, then point a smartphone or tablet over their building to scan Newbury's Haunted School and bring it to life. Moving the smartphone or tablet allows you to explore the constantly changing environment around the model.
 •  This toy including an augmented reality application includes 8 characters: the hero Jack Davids and the heroine Parker L. Jackson (each with a smartphone), Elton Douglas, Rose Davids, M. Director Clarke, students Paola and Wade, and Jack Davids' ghost dog Spencer.
 •  The haunted Newbury School includes many fun and entertaining elements, including a hidden room, a bus stop outside the school, a computer room, a library, a bathroom, a chemistry room and a bell tower. The school also has a haunted hidden side.
 •  Based in the fictional town of Newbury, where abominable ghosts have decided to haunt locals and buildings, Lego Hidden Side toys provide children with exciting ghost-hunting adventures that combine physical Lego models with an experience of fully interactive augmented reality game.
 •  Using the Lego Hidden Side app is like watching a fun and spooky hidden world through a window, with mysteries to solve, ghosts to capture and a new ghost leader, such as M. Nibs, to defeat in each model.
 •  The augmented reality experience requires the use of a tablet or smartphone (not included). The application is compatible with a selection of iOS and Android devices. To check compatibility: Parents' authorisation is required to be able to connect.
 •  School measures over 7" (30cm) high, 17" (43cm) wide and 9" (26cm) deep when haunted.

Age: From 9 years old

Note! Choking hazard. Includes small parts.
Colours Multi-Coloured
Newbury Haunted High School  - LEGO HIDDEN SIDE
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Newbury Haunted High School - LEGO HIDDEN SIDE
(16 Reviews) 4.50 Average rating
  • Neko
    I recommend this product
    Originally published on
    Great Set!

    For builders looking for a supernatural and aesthetic set, this set has nothing to disappoint. The app holds a decent concept - with the new update you can haunt or be haunted. The graphics are well rendered, and the multiplayer is safe with pre-approved messages - no one can spam, either. The many elements that are present physically makes it ideal for role play. And, it can always just be a very aesthetic set if presented as a Victorian-design style school.

  • LoPac
    I recommend this product
    Originally published on

    Wouldn't mind cheaper price, but it's still worth it. Had fun building this set. Like all of the hidden features it has.

  • Carrbear13
    I recommend this product
    Originally published on

    A really awesome set. Great playability, a fun build and some really entertaining interactive elements with “haunting” the school.

  • DoJo
    I recommend this product
    Originally published on
    The set I wanted as a kid

    I build the sets, my kids play with them.

    This set has a lot of cool hidden bits and the whole school transforms. The idea that you can "hunt" ghosts is fantastic.

    The only addition that would make it better is a story book for the kids to learn about the heroes.

  • Chestersbestfriend
    I recommend this product
    Originally published on
    Great in every way

    I loved this build, and I have built so many sets, but this one was so interesting to build, because of all the transformative details. I love it.

  • Jfletch161
    I recommend this product
    Originally published on
    This is awesome

    Amazing interactive features enhanced ever more by the app... my 8 year old got this for Christmas we invisioned a few days work at best and he did it in 6 hours flat... the work was there to be done but he was wizzing through it out of anticipation for the finished piece

    Great features and well built I e his 2 year old brother cannot break by breathing on it like some of the more fragile sets there are

    Well worth money

  • Rsam1dad
    Originally published on
    App don't work

    App don't work on my Android phone(Os 9.1) google play says not compatible

    Response from La Redoute
    Samuel - 20/01/2020

    Sorry to hear! It looks like your device isn't compatible. Please check our device guide for a list with compatible devices at

  • Katniss Leeds
    I recommend this product
    Originally published on
    Absolutely fantastic!!!!

    I was slightly sceptical at first with the hidden side line, however my son (7) saw this set online and put it on his Christmas list. I felt it was reasonably priced and I expected a fairly simple, steady build... how wrong I was!

    This set is so challenging, I have many modular sets, ninjago city/docks and it definitely competes in the same league.

    We had so much fun building this, the hidden extras of the school transforming into a monster are fantastic, the designer/s are super clever to come up with these features.

    There’s no ‘empty’ areas, it looks great normal and transformed...

    In my own opinion I can honestly say this is one of my favourite sets of all time.

    That was just the build, the app is also brilliant. We haven’t played on the app very much as we prefer using our own imagination but it’s a feature which I can imagine will advance in the near future.

    Overall 10/10, I’ve since bought 4 other hidden side sets which I will review separately but if you are sceptical then be reassured that you will not be disappointed in Newbury high school

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