Shrimp Shack Attack

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Shrimp shack attack , multi-coloured, LEGO HIDDEN SIDE

Immerse kids in a fun ghost-hunting adventure with the Lego Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack. This awesome toy construction set combines a Lego model to build and a fully interactive play experience. Download the Lego Hidden Side app, then scan the model with a phone to make it come alive. With continuous updates, a new boss ghost to fight, mysteries to solve, objects to find, games and ghosts to collect, this Lego Hidden Side set gives kids a whole new way to play and interact with building bricks! 

This building toy for kids is full of cool details to kick-start hours of imaginative play. The shrimp sign can pull away from the shack and change from normal to haunted. The two hero minifigures, each with his and her own smartphone, a haunted head chef and server, plus shack guest and cute ghost dog figure inspire role-play fun. As for the kitchen, it becomes fully interactive when viewed through the Hidden Side app.

 •  Download the Lego Hidden Side app, then point a phone at the Shrimp Shack Attack and bring it to life. Move the phone around to explore the ever-changing environment around the model.
 •  This augmented reality toy includes 6 figures: the hero Jack Davids and the heroine Parker L. Jackson (each with a smartphone), Chef Enzo with two knives, Sally with a tray and a cup, and client Ronny, as well as Spencer, the ghost dog of Jack Davids.
 •  The haunted restaurant to build includes a formidable kart for 2 figures, a very detailed kitchen and a large sign in the shape of a shrimp which can be detached and become haunted..
 •  Based in the fictional town of Newbury, where abominable ghosts have decided to haunt locals and buildings, Lego Hidden Side toys provide children with exciting ghost-hunting adventures that combine physical Lego models with an experience of fully interactive augmented reality game.
 •  Kids can build and play with the physical set, then bring it to life by interacting with the augmented reality app.
 •  Using the Lego Hidden Side app is like watching through a window a cool and spooky hidden world, with mysteries to solve, ghosts to capture and a new ghost leader, such as Anomalo, to defeat in each set.
 •  The augmented reality experience requires the use of a tablet or smartphone (not included). The application is compatible with a selection of iOS and Android devices. To check compatibility: Parents' authorisation is required to be able to connect.
 •  Restaurant measures over 7" (19cm) high, 12"(32cm) wide and 3" (10cm) deep when haunted.

Age: Starting from 8 years

Note! Choking hazard. Includes small parts.
Colours Multi-Coloured
Shrimp Shack Attack  - LEGO HIDDEN SIDE
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Shrimp Shack Attack - LEGO HIDDEN SIDE
(5 Reviews) 4.00 Average rating
  • Brickdarg
    I recommend this product
    Originally published on
    Awesome set

    I very much enjoyed this set. I love the the concept, the minifigures, everything is amazing. We have never gotten a seafood shack in Lego before, and they blew it out of the park. Highly recommend.

  • MichiganMom
    Originally published on
    Buyer Beware!

    The app doesn't work even with some.of the recent phones and tablets. Huge disappointment!

    Response from La Redoute
    Emily - 14/01/2020

    We're sorry to hear that your son was disappointed. The Hidden Side app's Augmented Reality features require special AR technology. So compatibility for the app depends less on the age of your device and more on whether or not it supports the AR features necessary. For a full list of compatible devices, visit

  • crazytree77YT
    I recommend this product
    Originally published on

    Soooo... I got this awesome set for Christmas and within very soon I had built it and it was really easy to build so pls buy this set

  • Stumac
    I recommend this product
    Originally published on
    WOW...Fun build!

    Took a while to get this set after doing the Shrimp Boat and I don't know why I waited so long! Great selection of mini figures, loved the hot dog eating kid. Super fun build, loved the colours of the bricks. The prawn is such an awesome touch.

    The counter behind the shutters is really cool, the floor looks great, my wife particularly liked the sauce bottles in the diner.

    Only negative is probably think the car is a bit out of place, maybe some outdoor table and chairs instead but hey, I guess the young uns would love playing with it so that's cool with me!

    Can't wait to hopefully get the Haunted High School next.

  • baxterkw1
    I recommend this product
    Originally published on
    So much fun I need another one for my fleet.

    Such a fun build and I love the ability to have the boat wrecked or in one piece. It's adorable, the minifigs are adorable (the Captain) except I don't like the double height on the Captain as a ghost. I want to build an entire Newbury so I need a few more shrimp boats. Hope Lego comes out with even more sets in this series. Maybe a couple of different boats and a boat repair shop would be fun. Can't wait to build the village complete with my Bait Shop. A nice Captain's house would be a great addition as well. How about a little whaling type museum. Think Nantucket or maybe Lunenburg in Nova Scotia.

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