Tightra Perineal and Vaginal Trainer

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Tightra Perineal and Vaginal Trainer, white, SILKN

Tightra Silkn perineal and vaginal trainer
Vaginal rejuvenation and firming

Whether due to childbirth, aging, or other reasons, some women suffer from urinary leakage, reduced sensitivity, or a change in the appearance of their private parts..

For some women, it can then become difficult and painful to wear tight clothes, ride a bike, play sports or feel pleasure during sex..

Is an operation the only solution?? Silk'n don't think so! Discover Silk'n Tightra: a scientific breakthrough in the field of women's intimate well-being!

Helps solve vaginal discomfort without surgery

Silk'n scientists have developed a device for home use that uses clinically proven bipolar RF (radio frequency) energy for its effect on tissue containing collagen.

Bipolar RF energy used in Silk'n Tightra tightens and firms the inner and outer walls of the vagina, as well as the pelvic floor muscles.

Women who have tried Silk'n Tightra and their partners report an overall improvement in sexual sensations and pleasure and a reduction in urinary incontinence.

Moreover, these women are often happier and more confident about the outward appearance of their private parts..

"This device offers the possibility of firming the walls of the vagina and improving vaginal sensations, quickly and effectively and without surgery.. ! "

Clinically tested and demonstrated efficacy

Bipolar RF technology is already commonly used by physicians for female wellness, replacing surgery.

In these bipolar RF treatments, performed by doctors, the vaginal tissue is renewed, the blood flow is increased, new elastin and collagen fibres are created, the pelvic muscles are strengthened and the labia are tightened and firm up.

Silk'n has managed to integrate the same technology into the Silk'n Tightra, a device for home use.
No more expensive care in specialised clinics.
You can use Tightra yourself comfortably in your home, without risk. Silk'n Tightra has been clinically tested, it is safe and completely painless.

Clinically tested:
 •  87% observed firming results
 •  70% observed improvement in urinary control

Vaginal rejuvenation and firming, how does it work?

Silk'n Tightra helps you firm up your pelvic muscles, which in turn helps prevent urinary leakage.

In addition, Tightra results in rejuvenation and tightening of the outer walls of the vagina, thereby improving vaginal sensations and allowing women to experience greater sexual pleasure..

Silk'n Tightra is designed in such a way that it does not cause any discomfort during use.
Its shape is comparable to that of a speculum and it contains 16 gold and chrome electrodes.

The 16 electrodes are all for internal use, while the 3 chrome electrodes are specifically for external use.

During use, you will feel a warm sensation.

The first results are already visible after 8 sessions of 20 minutes (4 weeks).
During these sessions, you can treat both internally and externally.

Safety information

Silk'n Tightra has been specially developed for home use, and includes a number of important safety mechanisms.

16 built-in heat sensors measure skin temperature during use, ensuring it never exceeds 42-43°C.

This mechanism ensures that you do not overheat your skin..
In addition, Tightra is equipped with a touch sensor that guarantees the operation of the device only when it is in perfect contact with the skin..

Motion Sensor protects the outer vaginal tissue from overheating by limiting the temperature of the Tightra tip as it moves across the skin.

Finally, the Auto Shut-Off function turns the device off after the recommended usage time of 20 minutes..

Silk'n Tightra comes with a tube of gel: Silk’n Intimate Gel. This gel is used with the device.

Product Details:
 •  Max temperature: 42-43°C
 •  Automatic shut-off : 20 minutes
 •  Wireless
 •  Rechargeable
 •  Zone : Vagina, Vulva
 •  Intended use: vaginal toning, stopping urinary leakage, increasing sexual pleasure, aesthetic firming of the outer lips
 •  Bipolar Radio-Frequency Technology
 •  Time to charge: 6h
 •  Charging indicator
 •  Overheat protection
 •  Motion sensor
 •  Touch adjustment
 •  Travel case
 •  Silk'n Intimate Gel
 •  Dimensions: 280 x 75mm

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  • 19/06/2023
    Need more time but tech seems top notch

    I have only had the tightra for two weeks, so not long enough to see a big difference, however I showed it to my gynecologist who seemed impressed and said it uses the same technology as the machines they use in their clinic :) The only thing that slightly concerns me is the temperature, level one seems pretty hot (you can’t feel this internally but you can externally)……I can’t imagine going up to level three!!

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  • 14/11/2022
    Unpolished diamond, for now!

    Useful tool and I hope it will help. I think the charging port is a bit poor quality and unfortunately, one charge is only enough for one use.

    Originally published on
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  • 19/01/2022
    It's working

    I'm over 40, have 3 kids. I had two ceasarian section and 1 vaginal birth. I used Tightra five times for now and i notice that my vaginal muscles seems to be stronger.

    Originally published on
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  • 16/09/2021
    Get it... You won't regret it!

    I was a little unsure about spending so much money on this but after reading all the great reviews, thought it was worth a shot and if it worked well then it would be saving $1000 or so on laser.

    I have not been disappointed!

    The product looks and feels quality. It's easy to use and I find the heat comforting. I look forward to using it, as it's my relax time.

    After only the second use, I could feel a noticeable change. Things were tighter, smoother, and more sensitive.

    I used for the 3rd time last night and have felt more lubricated than I have in years. I already feel like it's upped my libido.

    I have fairly mild incontinence after having 3 kids and am unable to tell yet if there has been a change in my pelvic floor strength but I'm certainly feeling optimistic!

    As others have suggested, wipes would be a great consideration moving forward but other than that I can not fault this so far

    Originally published on
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  • 07/04/2021
    Works great

    Just got this device recently and I've been using it for a few weeks already noticing a difference. Can't wait to see how it works in a month

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  • 02/08/2020
    Seemed to work great then spotting appeared

    So, the tighting does happen but it seems to stem from irritation ... I'm having spotting for 3 days now and some pain / burning on one side (which seemed to have been burnt). I only used it for 10 minutes on lowest setting...

    Originally published on
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  • 02/06/2020
    Pleasantly surprised

    I bought this out of desperation more than anything. It was getting to the stage I couldn’t hold me wee in anymore. I’ve used this for two weeks now and have already noticed a difference. I no longer have to run to the loo - I can now take a quick walk! Hopefully with further use things will continue to improve

    Originally published on
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  • 15/05/2020
    Izvrstan proizvod

    Izvrstan proizvod! Već nakon prvog korištenja osjetila sam znatna poboljšanja vezano za inkontinenciju! Nakon dugo vremena mogla sam planinariti bez straha da će se desiti situacija nevoljkog oticanja mokraće! Osim toga rjeđe imam potrebu za odlaskom na toalet i ne dižem se po noći! Vagina je postala uža I osjetljivija na dodir! Presretna sam što sam se odlučila na kupovinu TIGHTRA!

    Originally published on
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