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Baby carrier one with bib, cotton mix 698001 , black, BABYBJORN

Soft and versatile, this ergonomic baby carrier can be worn on the front or back.

The Baby Carrier One is an ergonomic and pleasant carrying solution that allows you to give your baby the proximity he or she needs, helping to strengthen the parent-child bond from birth. 

Its versatility and ease of use has made it the most popular baby carrier in the Baby Bjorn range. The soft fabric gives you the sensation of carrying your baby in a natural position, his or her back forming a C-shaped curve.

While using the One Baby Carrier, you can easily and safely alternate the different possible carrying positions on your stomach and back. The height, seat and headrest are all fully adjustable. The baby carrier can be adapted to the child's age, changing needs and the size of the person wearing it. 

The Baby Carrier One comes equipped with a wide, sturdy waistband and padded shoulder straps, which relieve pressure on the back and shoulders, and promote comfort from birth to three years of age.

The One Baby Carrier supports the baby's hips in the correct way, and has been recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a "safe for the hips" product. The belt helps to relieve pressure on the back and shoulders, which makes it easier to use when the child is growing up and gaining weight.
The height and width of the seat are fully adjustable.

The baby carrier is fully adjustable and offers full freedom. The height, the seat and the headrest can be easily adapted to the age of the child and the person wearing it. The baby carrier can therefore be adapted to different carriers and several morphologies and sizes. It responds perfectly to your needs and those of your child.

Carrying from 0-3 years, with child turned towards you, away from you or carried on your back:

The baby carrier is suitable for carrying from birth to 3 years old. Use the high position for your newborn: carry infants under 5 months turned towards you and high enough to kiss him or her on the head. After 5 months, if your baby is ready, you can turn him or her to face outwards. From 12 months, you can carry the child on your back.

4 carrying positions on the front or back:

Carry your child turned towards you (there are two levels of height), turned away from you or on your back

Integrated support for newborns

This baby carrier offers two carrying heights. Use the highest position from birth (minimum 3.5 kg) so that your baby is well placed, as close to your face as possible.

A belt that provides relief for the shoulders and back

Adjustable headrest

The headrest protects your infant and provides adequate support until the muscles of the neck are sufficiently developed to hold his or her head straight. When the child is older, you can also unfold the headrest while sitting or sleeping in the baby carrier. It can be easily unfolded or folded. You can also adjust the firmness of the support.

Carrying older toddlers on your back:

When your child gains weight, it is more comfortable for you to wear him or her on your back. However, we advise you to wait until the age of 12 months to carry your child on the back, where you cannot monitor him or her the same way.

When your child is positioned in front of you, you can easily move the entire carrier from your stomach to your back. You can do this comfortably by yourself. Thanks to the structure of the baby carrier, your child stays safe when you transfer him on the back.

Carrying system respects the hips:

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has tested the One Baby Carrier and has recognized it as a "safe for the hips" product.. In other words, this product correctly supports your baby's hips. It promotes correct development of the hip joint, a very important aspect for your child during the first months of life.
Materials adapted for babies

All our baby carriers are free of harmful substances and certified by Oeko-Tex 100 ®, class I for baby products.

Age: Birth to 3 years.
Min. 3.5 kg/53 cm
Max. 15 kg/100 cm


Minimum age for outward-facing position: 5 months
Maximum weight for outward-facing position: 12kg
From 3.5 to 4.5 kg, use the leg straps to tighten the leg opening.


All fabrics respect the delicate skin of your baby and are harmless if they come into contact with the mouth. They are free from harmful substances and certified according to the Oeko Tex 100 class 1 standard for products intended for babies.


Main material: 60% cotton, 40% polyester
Padding: 100% cotton
Belt lining: 100% polyester
Padding: 100% polyester (body), 90% polyester and 10% polyurethane foam (shoulder straps)


Machine wash at 40 °C. Wash separately with mild, bleach-free detergent. Do not tumble dry.


The Baby Carrier One complies with the safety standards EN13209-2: 2015, ASTM F2236 and CPSIA 2008 (United States).


Bib for BABYBJÖRN carrier
Cape for BABYBJÖRN carrier

Additional information:

This STANDARD 100 certified product by OEKO-TEX® - certificate n ° CQ 1102/4 IFTH follows a certified and controlled manufacturing process, respectful of your skin.

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is the first label that meets the needs of consumers in terms of human ecology. It guarantees the absence of harmful substances or those potentially presenting a risk to health.

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