Lulu the Lamb Musical Plush Night Light

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Lulu the Lamb Musical Plush Night Light, white, BADABULLE

All ages will fall asleep peacefully. Soft and soothing, the Badabulle musical sheep night light is a true companion for your baby's peaceful nights!
Reassuring, this night light transforms the baby's room into a sky filled with multicoloured stars. It also has 10 lullabies and 2 sounds (heartbeats and nature sounds).

Practical, the on/off buttons for light and sound, volume control and music selection are on the back of the plush. The case is removable which allows you to wash the plush. Projections and lullabies work independently and have an automatic shut-off after 30 minutes. Very soft, you can even place the musical projection night light directly in your child's bed.

Discover the rest of our Badabulle dreamers collection! You'll love it for sure (and your baby too).

Product Details
 •  Very soft plush musical toy
 •  Projection of multicoloured stars
 •  12 lullabies and sounds (heartbeat and nature sounds)
 •  Independent music and light
 •  Detachable box that allows the plush to be washed
 •  Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes
 •  Material: 100% Polyester (toy) / polystyrene (box)
 •  Care instructions: hand washable plush, in cold water, without the case
 •  Battery operated: Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)
Colours White
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  • 20/07/2020
    Really lovely product

    My little one has used this from birth and she is now 2 years old and still loves it. It is soft and cuddly and easy to operate. I love the lights and the sounds. The volume option is perfect for a little one. Can't fault this product in any way.

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  • 14/09/2018
    Not so cuddly and but effective

    A really lovely night light, but not really cuddly. Ideally suited to s shelf and bedside table, the light is really effective. Not bright enough to read a book by, but its soothing light offers night-time peace. Lovely item. Just not cuddly.

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  • 22/08/2018
    Nice Toy

    This is a very nice toy for babies. Its basically a soft toy with a sound and light box which sits in the middle of the soft toy. The sound box acts as a nightlight which projects stars onto the ceiling and plays lullabies at the same time.The sound and lightbox is easy to use. It has 12 different lullabies and they can be easily selected with the use of four buttons. You can set the volume via the buttons. The sound reproduction is not great, but adequate for what it is supposed to do. You can set the sound and lights to be coordinate. The unit needs batteries and are easy to install but sit in a child proof box.Overall this is a nice product and one that helps to send babies off to sleep. Recommended.

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  • 17/08/2018
    Cute projector

    In the early days of having a baby that does not easily you would look to anything to try and settle all distract them at night. This is an excellent and very cute little sheep sheep 20 each project is a story light pattern onto the ceiling as well as offering 12 different sounds to help to see you then settle your baby. I have tried a few similar products and most of them are good enough however this one is particularly nice because it is quite soft and you could theoretically leave it at the side of a cot without a fear of it causing any action to your baby. That being said however I would probably recommend leaving it on a bedside table just in case. Overall this was very simple and intuitive to use and I really didn’t need to refer to the instructions. The sheep is slightly unusual looking friendly and could be used for any babies. Even our Toddker enjoyed looking at the stars on the ceiling while listening to soothing music at bedtime. This is smaller than the summer infant designs but softer ab more tactile.

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  • 15/08/2018
    How very cute.

    This is a lovely item, it is cuddly but functional. I wouldn't be scared if a young child got hold of this item. It projects a comforting light, and not something that will disturb their sleep. The sheep fits in in a nursery and would be a lovely gift either for a young baby's birthday or as a baby shower present.

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  • 12/08/2018
    Overall a nice baby musical night light

    This is a lovely, cuddly musical night light toy. The sheep is slightly strange looking with its legs laid out flat but it’s pretty cute. The instructions are pretty rubbish. A big fold out sheet with English on one panel - a bit minimal with no diagrams. The instructions are also inconsistent with the packaging - one say 10 melodies the other says 12. It also takes three AAA batteries which aren’t included so make sure you have some to hand. You have the choice of playing the same melody of your choice or having the different ones looped. The melodies are pleasant enough and the stars light projection is lovely. It has a nice 30 minute shut off timer for both the melodies and the light. Overall a nice baby musical night light.

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  • 11/08/2018
    Generally, very nice

    This is, generally, a very nice toy/nightlight/lullaby unit dressed up as a rather sweet sheep (although I did get a comment that it looked like a sheep that had been run over!!)Pros:Very soft and gentle to the touchProjects a nice and colourful array of stars on the bedroom ceilingA collection of 12 lullabies with a volume controlLights and lullabies can be turned on/off separatelyCons:The lowest volume is the only one that can be used with baby asleepThe sound quality of the lullabies is quite poor too as they are quite a harsh sounding rather than the soothing sounds I was expectingThe instructions are very poorThe light/speaker unit is difficult to remove as it has to be screwed. This may sound simple but there's not a lot to hold onto and you need a LOT of strength. Once it's out, one would assume that it's a lot easier to put back in - wrong, it's just as hard. It would have been better if it were held in place by screws or even a buttoned flap.Overall, this is a useful and pleasant to look at nursery item, but I feel the manufacturer could have done betterI would have awarded this a 3.5, but Amazon doesn't allow halves so I gave it a 4 star as I felt 3 star was indicating a worse product than I feel it is.

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