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Whether flat or with heels, round or pointed toe, high-top shoes have a wide shape to suit the curves of your legs. They offer a harmonious silhouette and can be worn with both skirts and pants. Is your credo to opt for models that are renowned for their allure? Our specialists are proud to present the top brands: Aigle, Mango Baby and Dune London. In fact, out of 40 customer ratings, they give us an average rating of 4.62/5. After several months of use, "Liz 72" was kind enough to leave us her observation: "I gave them to my sister for Christmas and she loves them. A small drawback is that the size is too small. my sister is a size 38 and I had to send them back for a size 40. I recommend them with my eyes closed". The other key point if you're looking for your wide calf boots is to be careful about the textile. Synthetics, leather or rubber have specific qualities. Our range here caters for the most discerning buyers.
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